How to Advertise a Moving Company

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Pay Per Click is One of Many Ways to Advertise a Moving Company

There are a variety of ways to advertise a moving company. As part of our moving company marketing and advertising services, Contractor Webmasters offers a wide array of techniques and strategies to connect you with exclusive leads. Some of our advertising strategies include:

  • Ad Retargeting: Using browser cookies to advertise to previous website visitors
  • Mobile Ads: Reaching consumers on mobile devices, including smartphones
  • Pay Per Click: Paid search advertising that appears on the top of Google results
  • Social Media: Ads run on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Though business spikes are seasonal in the moving industry, there is a reliability to the market for the simple fact that there will always be people in need of moving services. Using the techniques above, your company can reach more of that market and convert them into customers. Call 800-775-1250 for moving company marketing and advertising.

Marketing Strategies for Movers

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The Key to Marketing is Connecting with Customers

It’s not always about who has the best services, it’s often about how well those services are communicated to the consumer. The general public is not interested in “shop talk”. In other words, they don’t want to hear about the technicalities of the moving industry. In today’s market especially, users want information quickly. For example, they would like to hear about:

  • Affordability: Consumers want to know how much, or more specifically, how little, they are paying
  • Glossary: Customers want to know what various terms mean, specifically within their agreements
  • Process: Users want the steps of a moving cycle, presented in text, graphic, or video form
  • Reputation: People won’t trust you with their valuables unless they feel comfortable with your resume

If you’ve heard the term “know your audience” you are already familiar with the concept of marketing. It’s important to note that not everyone in your audience will interpret information the same. Older people are unlikely to feel comfortable being bombarded by digital communication, including social media, while younger people might expect even more of it. The key is flexibility in your marketing strategy.

A Risk-Free Campaign for Movers

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Our Services Eliminate Normal Investment Risk

The primary downside of any marketing or advertising campaign is the risk. Investing massive amounts of dollars in a marketing company is betting your livelihood on a third party service that you don’t know much about. Contractor Webmasters eliminates that risk with pay per lead marketing and advertising. You never pay a fee until exclusive leads are generated. And at that point, you will be more than happy to.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for movers. Many companies cannot afford to invest in the proper marketing services because of the upfront charges required. With our agreement, you only pay once leads are on your desk, through phone calls or emails. To further discuss moving company marketing and advertising services from Contractor Webmasters, call us at 800-775-1250.