Mobile Advertising for Contractors

Should Contractors Advertise on Mobile?

Designers Discuss Mobile AdsBack in 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage surpassed desktop for the first time. Moving towards 2018, that disparity has only increased. And it won’t be stopping any time soon. The best time to engage with potential customers, is while they are on the go. Mobile advertising provides contractors with the following advantages:

  • Analysis: How users interact with mobile ads provides more valuable data on how target audiences behave
  • Creativity: Marketers can get creative with both the design and distribution of smartphone ads, more so than with traditional desktop ads
  • Market Reach: Mobile ads can reach people directly at their fingertips, at any time of day
  • Personalization: Interact with the prospective customer on a more personal level

Mobile advertising trends come and go. Ensuring the above characteristics correlate with a given ad campaign helps keep marketers grounded. At Contractor Webmasters, we provide mobile advertising services as part of our pay per lead marketing. Consequently, mobile ads require zero upfront payment. Your company will pay only when leads are generated. Call 800-775-1250 for mobile advertising services.

Best Channels for Mobile Ads

Writers Craft Mobile Ad TextThe term mobile represents what seems like a limitless advertising scope. Think of all the ways we use our smartphones in today’s world. Think of all the opportunities to advertise to smartphone users. After years of working with contractors, Contractor Webmasters focuses on the following mobile marketing channels:

  • Apps: The development of apps is a constant and creative industry, and one that contractors should take advantage of
  • Browser: Despite the popularity of apps, many mobile users still prefer to surf the net on their mobile browsers like Safari, Chrome, FireFox, etc.
  • Social Media: Where there is a smartphone, there is a social media app somewhere, and the active user rates on Facebook and Twitter should catch the attention of all industries
  • Text (SMS): The most popular form of communication in today’s market is texting, sometimes referred to as SMS, and contractors can use this method to promote services

We consult with each of our clients to get a feel for their marketing vision and how they hope to brand their business. Contractor Webmasters and our clients share a mutual goal of lead generation. Since your company pays only for leads (which is what ultimately drives your business), we do everything in our power to generate those leads through various marketing techniques. We have the experience and innovation to create the best mobile ad campaigns possible.

Mobile Display Advertising

Writers Input Mobile AdsFitting enough information onto a display that is merely a fraction of the size of a traditional desktop monitor can be a challenging task. But this restriction can actually encourage the application of fundamental marketing ideals . Being forced to condense information while maintaining its usefulness, along with displaying a clear and convincing call to action, is actually the basis to all good advertising campaigns.

With the migration of users from desktop to mobile, the attention spans of those users have become considerably shorter. Smartphone users want quality information and they want it immediately. Display advertising relies on a swift call to action that captures the attention of the reader and persuades them to take the next step. Contractor Webmasters has been designing ads for contractors for years. Call us at 800-775-1250 for mobile advertising services.