Locksmith Marketing and Advertising

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There are Many Creative Ways to Advertise in 2017

Most locksmiths will agree that most leads in today’s market will be coming from the internet. In acknowledging that, the next question becomes; how does one properly market and advertise their services? At Contractor Webmasters, we believe we have the ultimate solution with pay per lead marketing. You pay zero upfront charges, and only make a payment once leads are produced. Our innovative marketing and advertising techniques include:

  • Ad Retargeting: Displaying ads to users who have previously visited your website
  • Geo-Targeting: Displaying ads to specific geographic locations to maximize profit
  • Mobile Advertising: Reaching customers on their preferred device, in creative ways
  • Seasonal Advertising: Targeting peak seasons for the locksmith industry to maximize resources

The days of a simple PPC advertisement yielding massive returns are gone. In 2017, marketers must get creative in order to reap the ultimate rewards. This presents a risk for locksmiths looking to invest in online marketing. How do you know one company from the next? What makes their technique more likely to produce results? Contractor Webmasters eliminates all those questions. With us, it is the results themselves that you pay for. With our services, you pay for exclusive leads only. Call 800-775-1250 for locksmith marketing and advertising services.

Branding Your Locksmith Company

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A Well Designed Logo Enhances Your Brand

One important aspect of locksmith marketing is company branding. To have a brand means to have an identity. Customers have always made financial decisions based on trust and recognition and that is no different in today’s market. What is different however, is the opportunity to connect with a larger audience, much more quickly. To establish a legitimate brand online, locksmiths should have the following:

  • Company Logo: A well designed logo to display on your website, social profiles, and business listings
  • Custom Website: A custom designed website, optimized for search engines, and visually engaging
  • Mission Statement: Whether it is a website header, an about me section, or a social media bio, there is always space in which your company can share its overall philosophy
  • Networking: Through social media, as well as offline measures, locksmiths should expand their brand awareness by reaching as many people as possible

One great way to solidify your brand is through domain name registration. When choosing a website name, you’ll want the URL to reflect your company and its ideals. Having some variation of your company name within the domain is highly encouraged. Additionally, using a dot com domain name adds credibility to your brand. Avoid using dot net, dot org ,or dot info, since none of them exude the same level of professionalism as dot com.

Mobile Locksmith Ads

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Mobile Ads Reach Users on the Go

Using Google AdWords, advertisers can display mobile advertisements for customers on the go. Google has stated that 82% of of smartphone users search for business near them. As a locksmith, that is data that is impossible to ignore. Think about it, if someone locks themselves out of their house or car, they are likely left with one primary source of communication, their smart phone! Imagine reaching your desired customer at their time of greatest need. The possibility for conversion is high.

Contractor Webmasters offers mobile advertising services as part of our pay per lead marketing and advertising plan. We work directly with locksmiths just like yourself to come up with innovative ads that appeal to the eye of users. The best part is that you only pay once exclusive leads are produced. You don’t have to worry about our dedication, because we only succeed when you do. To further discuss locksmith marketing and advertising, give us a call at 800-775-1250.