Landscape Marketing and Advertising

Landscape Marketing

Branding Identifies Your Landscape Business Online

How landscapers market and advertise their services is much different in the digital age. The Yellow Pages are gone. Radio and print advertising is obsolete. So what’s left? Contractor Webmasters provides landscape marketing and advertising services that include:

  • Company Branding: Establishing an identity with a logo, mission statement, etc.
  • Domain Name Registration: Creating a branded, dot com URL for your website
  • Mobile Advertising: Displaying ads via the increasingly popular mobile devices
  • Search Engine Optimization: Earning high rankings on Google search results pages

The goal marketing and advertising in the digital age, is establishing an expansive online presence. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead marketing services so that zero upfront payments are required. We will do the heavy lifting of getting your landscape company recognized online and you only pay once exclusive leads are produced. Call 800-775-1250 for landscape marketing and advertising services.

How Landscapers Should Choose a Domain Name

Landscape Advertising Meeting

Every Landscaper Should Use Dot Com Domains

Domain name registration is part of our marketing and advertising services. We encourage all of our clients to follow a set of principles when choosing a domain name. We will work directly with your company to choose the most marketable domain name. While we strongly discourage low-quality domains, the final decision will be yours. To maximize leads, landscape domains should be:

  • Branded: Makes use of your company name, or some variation of it
  • Concise: Short and simple to read and type
  • Intuitive: Generally explains or indicates what your website is about
  • Dot Com: Uses a dot com suffix, rather than dot net, dot org, dot info, etc.

Sometimes the perfect domain name is not available for your company. It may already be claimed by another business. In cases like this, it is better to slightly alter the name itself, rather than to settle for a different suffix. Dot com websites provide instant credibility to your website and brand, and studies have indicated that dot net and dot info URLs lower trust in their users. Contractor Webmasters will work with you to find the name that works best moving forward.

Mobile Ads for Landscapers

Creative Director Instructs Ad PlacementWhat better way to promote your landscaping services than to users on the go? When you think about the amount of time people spend on their smartphones, it makes all the sense in the world to target that medium. Someone on their lunch break is checking their phone. Someone sitting around the house during the evening is checking their phone. In fact, phones are usually right next to a person when they go to sleep for the night. Mobile advertising is really a 24/7 opportunity for landscapers.

Google AdWords offers mobile advertising for business across the nation. We will help you setup your AdWords campaign and distribute your ads to the most appropriate channels. Because of the screen size of mobile devices, ad copy will have to be written more creatively, and be particularly condensed. While mobile ads are convenient in terms of opportunity, it is important to note that the attention span of the mobile user is even lower than normal. You must appeal to them quickly. Call 800-775-1250 for landscape marketing and advertising services.