Garage Floor Coating Marketing and Advertising

Garage Floor Coating Marketing

Digital Marketing Has Changed the Ad Landscape

If you are a garage floor coating contractor, sometimes known as; epoxy flooring, then you know that lead generation drives your business. To reach your financial goals for the year, and the upcoming 2018, you will need a consistent intake of high quality leads. In today’s marketing landscape, the best way to accomplish that is through digital marketing and advertising. At Contractor Webmasters, our services include:

  • Ad Retargeting: Using browser cookies to display ads to website visitors as they browse
  • Domain Name Registration: The registration of a branded, dot com domain name
  • Mobile Advertising: Reaching consumers at their preferred medium
  • Social Media Marketing: Using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reach customers

The best part about Contractor Webmasters is that we are a pay per lead service. This means we will market and advertise your services without ever requiring an upfront payments. It’s only when results are produced in the form of leads, that you make a payment. Call 800-775-1250 to further discuss garage floor coating marketing and advertising services.

Choosing a Garage Floor Coating Domain Name

Garage Floor Coating Advertising Editor

Domain Names Should Be Short and Branded

Each domain name represents their correlating company. As an epoxy flooring service, your website will be the digital representation of your brand. This can work in one of two ways. Either you represent yourself as authoritative, professional, and credible, or you represent yourself as cheap, illegitimate, and untrustworthy. To ensure the former, Contractor Webmasters urges clients to choose domain names that are:

  • Branded: Uses your company name or an abbreviation of it
  • Concise: Short and easy to type, read, and remember
  • Dot Com: Contains a dot com suffix, rather than dot net, dot org, or dot info
  • Local: Incorporates local language with something as simple as a state abbreviation

By following the suggestions above, your epoxy flooring company will in fact be front in center in the digital realm. You will have established your primary piece of digital real estate on the internet; your website. Of course, much of the marketing and advertising that succeeds that will be used to funnel users back to your main site. This helps establish a base for measurements and analytics.

The #1 Garage Floor Coating Marketing Company for Leads

Garage Floor Coating Website MarketingYou will not find a better garage floor marketing and advertising company on the internet. Why? Because we are a pay per lead service. You only pay for results and nothing more. Why pay a monthly fee for the “process” of lead generation, when you can pay for the leads themselves? If you are interested in boosting your contractor leads in 2018, now is the time to sign up with Contractor Webmasters.

Our leads are not just run of the mill either, they are exclusive leads. That means you won’t be competing with other companies for the same customer. Each lead produced by our marketing and advertising services will be exclusive to your company. If no leads are generated, you never pay a dime. To further discuss marketing and advertising and how it can produce leads for your company, call 800-775-1250 today!