Foundation Repair Marketing and Advertising

Foundation Repair Advertising Meeting

Part of Marketing is Choosing a .Com Domain Name

Foundation repair marketing in the digital age is a whole different game. The days of print and TV ads, and a Yellow Pages listing, have been replaced with SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management. Contractor Webmasters is the #1 foundation repair marketing company on the internet. We offer our services on a pay per lead basis (PPL). In other words, you only pay once our marketing and advertising actually produces results. Some of our techniques are:

  • Branding Services: Creating a digital identity that represents business ideals
  • Domain Name Registration: Securing a branded and concise dot com domain name
  • Geo-Targeting: Advertising to consumers within a specific service area
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensuring your website and other online entities display optimally on mobile

The goal of Contractor Webmasters is to produce results. While for some companies, measures like traffic and clicks might constitute results, for us, it is leads only. And exclusive leads at that. What good is traffic coming to your website if they don’t convert to leads? Don’t pay for the process, pay for the results. Call 800-775-1250 for foundation repair marketing and advertising. services.

Branding Your Foundation Repair Company

Foundation Repair Marketing Discussion

Your Company Brand Serves as Your Digital Identity

The term branding is thrown out a lot. But what does it actually entail? For foundation repair contractors, branding yourself digitally can be the difference between sustained success and bankruptcy. As you develop a online reputation, you’ll want your brand to represent:

  • Authority: Perceived as a top player in the foundation repair industry (in your area)
  • Credibility: Trusted to do ethical business with customers, both former, and new
  • Development: An ongoing process of improvement and sustainability
  • Recognition: One goal is to have your logo be easily recognized in the community

There is no magic formula for a great brand. It is more about dedication and attention to detail than it is about anything else. One thing you must have is a plan, and a vision. Contractor Webmasters will help you develop both of those things through our marketing and advertising services. Remember, as a PPL company, you only ever pay for exclusive leads. Nothing else!

Advertising for Foundation Repair Leads

Writer Crafts Foundation Repair AdEvery contractor should ask themselves a series of questions. Why do I advertise? Why do I market my company on the internet? The answer is leads. It’s not about traffic, impressions, clicks, or anything else. Those things are simply conduits to a desired outcome. Contractor Webmasters focuses on the outcome itself. We believe foundation repair contractors should pay for results, and nothing else!

So how does one advertise for leads? There are multiple ways. PPC with Google AdWords is very popular. You can dive deep into the details of online advertising. How about geo-targeting? With each development in technology we can more narrowly and efficiently target a pre-selected audience. To discuss foundation repair marketing and advertising and how it can translate to exclusive lead generation, give us a call at 800-775-1250.