Domain Name Registration

What Is a Domain Name?

Programmer Checking DomainA domain name is a URL address by which internet users can access your website. Domain names help identify websites and distinguish them from one another. Domain name registration provides each site with a unique but memorable identity. The components of a domain name include:

  • Domain: The main part of your domain name which appears after the https:// and www. but before the .com — Example:
  • Subdomain: An extension to your domain, a subdomain appears after the https:// and in plalce of the www. — Example:
  • Top Level Domain (TLD): The ending of your URL, the .com, .org, .net, etc. of your domain name — Example:

Without domain names, sites would be marked only by a long string of numbers, known as an IP address. This would make memorization of websites nearly impossible. It would also affect search engine optimization, as Google would have no primary website indicator to market on search results. Call 800-775-1250 for domain name registration from Contractor Webmasters.

Domain Name Ideas for Contractors

Developer Claims Domain NameBrainstorming for the perfect domain name can be an exhausting process. This is especially true when you don’t understand what components make up an effective website URL. Luckily, there are a series of major principles that each and every domain name should follow. A good domain name is:

  • Branded: Contains your company name, or some variation thereof
  • Dot Com: Uses .com as an extension rather than .net, .org. or something else
  • Simple: You want a name that is easy, both to type and to remember
  • Unique: Distinguishes itself from other industry URLs

Using these four principles, contractors should be able to generate multiple domain name ideas for their new website. Contractor Webmasters assists you in the brainstorming process, and will recommend names for your site. We collaborate with our clients to reach the most beneficial conclusions. We are a pay per lead service, so there is no fee for domain name registration.

Domain Name Tactics to Ignore

Employees Discussing WebsiteDo not fall for marketing companies that encourage poor domain name tactics. Some marketers might try to sell you on supposedly cutting edge techniques that will help establish your business as an online powerhouse. Be mindful of these low-level domain name tactics:

  • Keyword Centric: Stuffing keywords into your domain name, sometimes known as exact match domains (EMDs), will not enhance SEO, but instead reduce your website ranking
  • Long Tail: Don’t make your URL too long, it will be hard to remember and type
  • Numbers: Avoid using numbers of any kind within your domain name
  • Trend Following: Don’t incorporate trends into your domain name, as they could die out at any moment and render your URL irrelevant

By refraining from any of the above tactics, you are putting your website in a great position for search engine optimization as well as brand development. Remember, you will be linking this web address on multiple online directories, social media profiles, and even offline business cards. It will become a representation of your brand and a reflection of your authority. Call 800-775-1250 for domain name registration from Contractor Webmasters.