Concrete and Paving Marketing and Advertising

Writing Concrete and Paving Advertisements

Business Marketing Changes in the Digital Age

Concrete and paving contractors want exclusive leads for their company. It’s what keeps them in business and allows them to profit in their service area. Marketing and advertising have always been methods in which to acquire those said leads. But in today’s digital age, the methods of marketing and advertising have changed. Today, marketing and advertising for concrete and paving companies consists of:

  • Digital Brand Development: Establishing an online identity, philosophy, and purpose
  • Location / Area Targeting: Reaching customers you can practically serve from a location standpoint
  • Mobile Marketing / Advertising: Connecting with users on their preferred source, and one that is always around them
  • Website Domain Registration: Creating a website name that will serve as a first impression for your brand

This is might seem foreign to traditionalists used to TV and print advertising. But those days have long since passed us. To generate exclusive concrete and paving leads in today’s market, you must follow the marketing and advertising techniques listed above. Contractor Webmasters can help. We are a pay per lead marketing company that offers all the above services with no upfront payment. It is not until leads are produced, that you make a payment. Call 800-775-1250 for concrete and paving marketing and advertising services.

Choosing the Right Concrete and Paving Website Name

Editor Marketing Concrete and Paving Website

Web URLs Should Be Short, Legible, and Branded

When concrete contractors decide they want a website, they sometimes overlook one of the most important aspects; the name. Contractor Webmasters offers domain name registration which will give your website the name it needs to be successful with online marketing. We will work with you to come up on a name that pleases you and will also help produce those exclusive leads you require. Some of the core principles of a strong domain name are:

  • Branded: Mention your company name or an abbreviation of it
  • Concise: Short, so it’s easy for users to type, read, and recall
  • Dot Com: Has the more professional sounding dot com suffix, rather than dot net, dot org, or dot info
  • Relevant: Indicates that you are a concrete and paving service or some variation of that

Now that you know what makes a good domain name, it’s time to become aware of what makes a bad one. Always avoid exact match keyword domains. In other words, don’t try to trick Google by calling your website something like Google has publicly denounced attempts to manipulate search engines by using spam-like domains that serve only to attract users unethically. Another thing to avoid is really long domains. People will forget, it will be hard to write on social profiles and business cards, and you will end up losing valuable traffic.

Modern Marketing for Exclusive Leads

Concrete and Paving Marketing and Advertising MeetingSince Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead service (PPL), concrete and paving contractors only ever pay if they get results (leads). But the leads our services produce aren’t just any leads, they are exclusive leads. You have probably used PPL services that force you to compete with other contractors for the same customer. That won’t be the case with Contractor Webmasters. All leads generated from our services are exclusive to your company.

The PPL model is so beneficial to contractors because it eliminates the risk of poor performance from the marketing company. Why invest in a company you know very little about, when you could instead invest in results only? Exclusive leads are the lifeblood to your business, so partnering with a service that can provide those for you without all the extra nonsense is a great opportunity. Forget about a monthly website maintenance fee, or a social media fee. All these services will be conducted for the sole purpose of generating leads for your company. And leads are the only thing you will pay for. Call 800-775-1250 for concrete and paving marketing and advertising services.