Marketing and Advertising for Contractors

What Is Contractor Marketing?

Implementing Ads on Website

We Help Define How Your Company is Percieved

Contractor marketing refers to both the planning and application of promotional strategies, designed to best market a contracting service or company. Implementation takes place across a wide spectrum of internet channels and encompasses multiple subsets of promotion, including; advertising, development, planning, and measurement. The goal of marketing is to establish the following qualities for your company and / or brand:

  • Accessibility: A business should be easily accessed across various platforms, including; social media, listing directories, search engines, etc.
  • Authority: Contractor businesses should be considered authoritative within their specific industry and community
  • Reputation: A successful company should be considered reputable, trustworthy, and ethical
  • Visibility: Service companies should be visible to their target audience, and via multiple platforms

Contractor Webmasters offers marketing and advertising services to contractors across the United States. We specialize in marketing designed specifically for contractors. Our range within that industry is vast. We have worked with plumbers, roofers, HVAC companies, locksmiths, landscapers, moving companies, general contractors, and many more. Call 800-775-1250 for contractor marketing and advertising from Contractor Webmasters.

What Is Contractor Advertising?

Marketing and Advertising

A Multitude of Ad Channels Exist for Contractors

Contractor advertising is a particular subset of marketing. Rather than a macro-level understanding of how to best promote your services, advertising focuses on the micro-level objective of visibility. To advertise your services, is to announce their existence to a target audience. While marketing helped you determine the demographic, area, and channel through which to promote, advertising actually exposes your services to human eyes. Some examples of advertising are:

  • Billboards: Thinking of a non-digital example of advertising can help you better conceptualize online advertisements — when driving by a giant billboard, you are exposed to the service, event, or product
  • PPC Ads: Those paid search results that rank on top of Google are actually advertisements — the strategy to place them on Google is considered marketing, while their actual exhibition is considered advertising
  • Retargeting Ads: When a user visits a website, cookies are stored in their browser — these cookies allow advertisers to display ads to that user, long after they have navigated away from the initial site
  • Web Banners: Those intrusive banners on the top and bottom of websites, usually displaying various ads dynamically — these are digital billboards, if you will, on a smaller scale, but not location-dependent

Advertising is a form of marketing, while the opposite is not true. Since marketing is understood on a macro-level, advertising falls within a subset of the over-arching process. In contrast, advertising exists on a micro-level. It is objectively definable. That is an advertisement (a web banner on the top of a popular website), and that is not (the concept that storm-ridden areas more regularly require emergency roofing services). To discuss marketing and advertising, and how each can help your company generate leads, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Examining Audience Psychology

o best market your services to a target audience, you must first determine what it is that they are searching for. And when we say “searching” we mean that both figuratively and literally. qualitatively, searching refers to the needs, wants, and sensibilities of a potential customer. Quantitatively, we can actually measure the number of times users in a local area are searching for “metal roof repair near me”. Using both methodologies allows marketing experts to analyze full spectrum of audience psychology. That spectrum includes:

  • Convenience: How are your services, and the way they are being marketed, convenient for the prospective customer?
  • Intent: Does the user have “buying intent” or are they just browsing for information
  • Necessity: Is your potential customer searching for something they want, or something they need? What are their alternatives?
  • Position: Is the user in position to become a customer (location, age, interest, etc.)

Building an audience profile can help you humanize the marketing process. After all, marketing is ultimately about appealing to customers. So whenever you run an advertising campaign, you should ask yourself the who, what, and why of your advertisement. Contractor Webmasters offers a diverse range of techniques that can help contractors attract new marketing leads. From PPC advertising, to retargeting ads, Contractor Webmasters is here to maximize your earning potential. That’s why our marketing and advertising services require no upfront cost. You pay only for lead generation.

How Advertising Has Gone Mobile

Marketing Team Because the number of mobile searches now exceeds those of desktop, mobile advertising has become increasingly relevant to marketers. Adjusting from large scale banner ads, optimized for desktop display, marketing firms have advanced to crafting mobile-friendly advertisements, designed to appeal to the modern mobile user. With a premium now placed on instant engagement, and interactivity, ads on mobile must go above and beyond the traditional calling card. Contractor Webmasters uses mobile ads as part of our marketing and advertising services.

Our services require no upfront cost. We believe that the goal of our clients should align with the marketing agreement in which we offer. That’s why we specialize in pay per lead marketing which eliminates all risk for our customers. If our services fail to generate any leads for your company, you incur no cost. That’s right, you pay only for actual leads, so that ROI, or lack thereof, is never a concern. Call 800-775-1250 for marketing and advertising from Contractor Webmasters.