Twitter Marketing for Contractors

Do Contractors Need Twitter Marketing?

Twitter on TabletThough Twitter is sometimes overlooked by contractors, it can serve as an effective social media marketing platform when used correctly. While not as large as Facebook, in terms of active users, its scope is essentially unlimited. It’s also the place where up to the second information is usually first reported because of the immediacy of its reach, and the convenience of its user interface. Some ways in which Twitter can benefit contractors are:

  • Analysis: Checking on competitor profiles can help contractors compare and contrast social media strategies
  • Interaction: Like blogging, tweeting can be a convenient method to interact with customers on a more informal level
  • Networking: Twitter, like Facebook and LinkedIn, is a great place to build a digital following
  • Promotion: Tweets serve as a great medium to promote services, discounts, etc.

Regardless of your industry niche, an active social media presence should include Twitter. Generally considered the 2nd most important social platform by marketing experts, it serves as an opportunity for contractors to extend their market reach and interact with customers on an increasingly popular social channel. For Twitter marketing services from Contractor Webmasters, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Developing a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter on IPad on TableConceding to the importance of the platform is the first step. But every active marketing channel must coincide with a strategy that accompanies it. In our case, Contractor Webmasters develops the strategy for you. We consult with your company to ensure a coordinated effort and result. Some aspects of our strategy include:

  • Brand Development: Every tweet represents your company, and each should be crafted in the context of brand development
  • Content Curation: Networking with supportive companies, both inside your industry and out, includes curating their relevant content for your own followers
  • Scheduled Posts: Consistent posts, including blog sharing, keeps your profile active
  • Topical Presence: Chiming in on relevant current events or trends and how they relate to your business, enhances your social relevance

Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing company. Our Social media marketing requires no upfront free. Instead, contractors only make payments once leads are generated. In other words, if your social media campaigns fail to perform at a level that generates new leads, you will never pay a dime. That won’t happen though, as our formula for success is proven over a number of case studies. But have no worries, with the leads you acquire via our services, the ROI will be well worth the cost.

How To Use Twitter for Business

Twitter on Mobile PhoneSocial media can be a confusing landscape for small businesses, particularly contractors. How can you invest in a marketing campaign that doesn’t guarantee the production of tangible leads? At Contractor Webmasters, we have the solution. By charging only for leads, our services represent the equivalent of free Twitter marketing. Since the marketing itself is free of charge, you will only be paying for results, rather than the process of attempting to achieve them.

You might be wondering. What is the best Twitter marketing tool for businesses? The answer is Twitter Analytics. Through this free analysis tracker, Contractor Webmasters can constantly monitor the success, or lack thereof, of your social activity. The performance of tweets can be analyzed to help us consistently improve your social presence going forward. Call 800-775-1250 for Twitter marketing services.