Social Media for Roofing Contractors

Team Discussing Roofing Social MediaDoes My Roofing Company Need Facebook?

Social media is a misunderstood concept in the roofing industry. Most of your leads will not come directly from websites like Facebook or Twitter, but a presence on each of them is conducive to lead generation. A Facebook Business Page provides the following for roofers:

  • Brand Awareness: Statistics all support the concept that company branding produces more conversions, and a social presence contributes to brand
  • Citation Sourcing: Similarly to directories like Google My Business, Facebook serves as a valuable citation source to list company information like name, address, and phone number (NAP)
  • Social Signals: When Google ranks local businesses, they account for a metric known as social signals, which comes from social media activity
  • Website Channels: While organic search is the best way to market a website, placing the link on additional channels like Facebook helps bring traffic in from other sources

With all that said, as roofing contractors, you don’t want to hear as much about the process of producing leads, as about actually producing them. At Contractor Webmasters, we couldn’t agree more, which is why our social media services are on a pay per lead basis. You never pay a fee until exclusive roofing leads are generated specifically for your company. Call 800-775-1250 for roofing company social media services.

Measuring Social Media Performance

Social Media Meeting about Roofing WebsiteIn addition to social signals, which play a major role in local search engine optimization, social media provides valuable data that can enhance the lead generation process. The primary social networks offer measurement tools for each of their users, via tools like Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and others. Some of the best metrics to define social performance are:

  • Engagement: A measure of how often users actually interact with your content or posts
  • Influence: An evaluation of how impactful your brand engagement is becoming
  • Reach: A survey of what kinds of people are talking about your brand, and in what context
  • Volume: A measure of how many people are talking about your company or brand

Social performance is critical because it provides useful information to help us tweak the lead generation process. After all, the only true measure of performance is the bottom line. As roofing contractors, a strong social media presence doesn’t have to be difficult. By signing up with Contractor Webmasters, you will have all social media activity handled for you. Better than that, you won’t pay a dime until exclusive leads are produced.

Why is Contractor Webmasters Different?

Contractor Webmasters Social Media AdvisersMost social media services you hire will charge you for account setups, scheduled posts, profile optimization, and other process oriented labor. With Contractor Webmasters, this is not the case. We charge only for exclusive leads. In other words, the social media management that you might pay a monthly charge for with another service, is free with us. It is not until leads are produced, that a fee is paid.

Pay per lead is a win-win proposition for roofing contractors. Imagine investing in a marketing service and ending up with a negative ROI? Or perhaps you don’t have to imagine it, because it’s already happened. Prevent that from ever happening again by signing up with Contractor Webmasters. You will literally never need another marketing company because you will never pay us until results are produced. Call 800-775-1250 for roofing social media management.