Plumbing Social Media

Facebook and Twitter on TabletThere is some debate within the plumbing industry about the value of social media for plumbers. There is a legitimate risk to investing in social media and failing to generate any leads as a result. Contractor Webmasters has the perfect solution. We offer pay per lead social media services, so that you never pay a dime until leads are generated. Our social media services include:

  • Profile Creation: If you don’t have any social profiles, we will create them for your company
  • Profile Optimization: We will optimize each social profile with your logo, contact info, etc.
  • Scheduled Posting: We will update your social accounts with the sharing of monthly blog posts
  • Social Management: We will monitor social accounts, respond to inquiries, etc.

Tracing leads directly back to social profiles can be ambiguous. This is true because social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn tend to influence leads indirectly by sending social signals for search engine rankings, rather than directly from phone calls or emails straight from social media. Think of Facebook and Twitter as parts of the conversion funnel that help lead future customers into a call to action. Call 800-775-1250 for plumbing social media management.

Facebook Business for Plumbers

Reviewing DocumentsAside from regular pages for friends and family, Facebook offers what are known as business pages. These business pages are equipped with a tool called Facebook Insights, which helps marketing companies like us, measure the performance of a client page. After creating and optimizing your Facebook page, we will be paying attention to these performance indicators:

  • Clicks: A basic measurement of how many clicks your posts and / or page are receiving
  • Engagements: This is a measurement of how many posts are directly engaged with by a user
  • Impressions: The number of times a post or piece of shared content is seen by a unique user
  • Organic Reach: This stat goes beyond volume because it measures the amount of users who are exposed to your content in some kind of way (replies, impressions, shares, clicks, etc.)

There are further measurements that Insights tracks, and that Contractor Webmasters will consider when looking to improve performance. The goal of Facebook is to create the strongest social signal possible to send to search engines. This helps build page authority and contributes to your business ranking higher on Google results. Additional components of Facebook include customer interaction, content sharing, and business networking.

Shareable Content for Plumbing Companies

5 Red Stars for ReviewKnowing enough to share content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is one thing, but knowing what to share takes a larger perspective and an understanding of how social media users operate and behave. Most have short attention spans, so the goal is to grab their attention quickly. This however cannot come at the expense of user experience. In other words, misleading a user with a shared blog post title, one which does not correlate to the content of the post, only hurts your reputation.

As part of our pay per lead marketing services, Contractor Webmasters offers monthly blog posts. Each of these posts can be shared on social media networks in efforts to engage a wider range of internet users. As previously mentioned, none of our social media services require upfront payments. It is not until leads are produced, that payment is required. Call 800-775-1250 for plumbing social media management services.