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Updating Photography on Facebook

Posts With Visual Elements Engage More Social Network Users

According to reports, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3X more engagement than those without them. This is great news for photographers, as images are the entire basis of your business. The visual appeal of social media goes far beyond Facebook. It’s no secret that Instagram and to a lesser degree Twitter, favor visual content as well. Some of the ways in which social media can enhance your photography business are:

  • Branding: Exhibit a defining style to help the branding process
  • Engagement: You have a step up on people from other industries, in that your content is always visual
  • Lead Generation: Advertise your services on social media in conjunction with photo sharing
  • Visibility: Get your portfolio out there to a massive audience

Contractor Webmasters offers social media services for photographers on a pay per lead basis. What does that mean? It means that you only pay when an exclusive lead is produced. In other words, the social media management services we provide, require no upfront payment. Call 800-775-1250 for photography social media services.

Facebook for Photographers

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Separate Your Personal Facebook Page from Your Business One

Many photographers mistakenly use their personal Facebook page to share professional quality photographs. These images are mixed in with other non-commercial photos of your friends and families and dilute your overall brand. The solution is to create a Facebook business page. This provides photographers with:

  • Advertising Opportunity: Create post-like advertisements that can reach selected demographics
  • Contact Information: Display name, address, and phone number info, along with cost and availability
  • Portfolio: The perfect place to reveal your portfolio for prospective client
  • User Reviews: Generate reviews from former or current clients and help establish credibility

Instagram, like Facebook, is another great place to market your services. You’ll want to follow the same concept by creating an addition Instagram page in addition to your personal one. Never mix personal photos with commercial ones, as this will only confuse potential customers, and dilute your overall brand and credibility.

Sharing Photography Content on Social Media

Reviewing Social ProfilesNot every single one of your Facebook or Twitter posts should be a photo. With Contractor Webmasters pay per lead marketing plan, you will receive regularly scheduled blog posts on your main website. Those posts can be shared via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and show your followers a side of you that transcends your work.

Ideas for blog posts about photography include things like; how to scout a photo shoot location, how to expand your client base. framing and editing techniques, etc. When these are shared on social media, the hope is that they go viral, extending brand awareness, and increasing organic traffic to your website. To discuss social media management for photographers, give us a call at 800-775-1250.