Social Media for Movers

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Twitter is One of Many Platforms Useful for Movers

There is no shortage of homeowners in need of moving services. In fact, people are moving all of the time. With the demand being constant, the companies that can most effectively market their services online will become the primary supply. One way to enhance online visibility is through social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some advantages to utilizing them include:

  • Brand Development: Presenting a company logo and message via reputable networks helps establish a brand
  • Customer Interaction: Social networks have quickly become the most popular platform for online interactions
  • Promotional Medium: Networks like Facebook are great platforms to run promotions, contests, and giveaways
  • SEO: Activity on social media sends out social signals to search engines which are considered a local ranking factor

Though a social presence alone won’t generate many leads for your company, combining it with strong local SEO certainly helps your chances. Furthermore, with pay per lead marketing from Contractor Webmasters, you pay only once exclusive leads are produced. Never worry about upfront charges for any of our social media services. Call 800-775-1250 for social media marketing for movers.

Sharing Content on Social Networks

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Our Trusted Staff Works Daily on Social Networking

Movers looking to make their presence known on social networks like Facebook and Twitter should invest in Contractor Webmasters. We share content such as blog posts, promotional activity, company pictures, and anything else conducive to brand development. We believe shareable content is:

  • Engaging: Inspires clicks from social followers
  • Informative: Give users a better indication about your company or services
  • Relevant: Stays on topic about moving services and news within that industry
  • Unique: Provides original concepts and presentation

While there is no guarantee that a given piece of content will perform well on social networks, there are ways to measure it. Through tools like Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, etc., Contractor Webmasters can track the performance of each post and share. This helps us gather more information about consumers and craft content most suitable for their interests.

Should Movers Be on LinkedIn?

Team Reviews Social Media for MoversEvery moving company should have a LinkedIn Company Page. If you do not have one before signing up with Contractor Webmasters, we will handle that process for you. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, LinkedIn is an authority figure in all industries and will add instant credibility to your brand. Second, LinkedIn serves as yet another SEO-friendly social network.

As an added bonus, LinkedIn can also help your company from an employee perspective. Not only can you acquire new employees through this platform, but you can establish yourself as a company that is good to work for. Once you garner that reputation, you will benefit both on and off search engines. Keep in mind that we offer reputation management as part of our pay per lead marketing. To get started with social media for movers, call right now at 800-775-1250.