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Diversify Your Social Signals Across Multiple Networks

Locksmiths might assume social media is designed for other industries, but the truth is that every service contractor should maintain a social media presence. Any suggestion of the contrary comes from the false perception that social media’s only use is for direct lead generation. This assumption grossly underestimates the overall effect social media can have on your entire marketing campaign. Some ways in which social media contributes to marketing success include:

  • Authority Building: The more reputable places you are seen on the net, the better
  • Company Branding: Social profiles are a place to present logos as well as company ideals, beliefs, etc.
  • Promotional Outreach: Spread promotions, discounts, and giveaways to a wide audience
  • Search Engine Optimization: SM activity sends out social signals to search engines

While social networks may not be the direct source of leads, they contribute to the generation of them. Keep in mind, Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing company. This means we wouldn’t be spending resources on social media if it didn’t help you get leads. After all, the only time you pay is once leads are produced. Call 800-775-1250 for locksmith social media marketing.

How Can Locksmiths Utilize YouTube?

Team Reviews Locksmith Social Media Marketing

YouTube is Undervalued in the Locksmith Industry

One of the best social networks is YouTube. While many people think of social media as Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and things of that nature, YouTube videos are also a very social part of media. Locksmiths can take advantage by marketing themselves through video. In fact, 3 in 4 adults report watching YouTube at their homes. Some ideas for videos to present via YouTube are:

  • Introductory Video: Introduce yourself on camera and give the people a name and face for your company
  • Promotional Content: Record and upload a mini-commercial on YouTube and share it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Video Examples: Record one of your local locksmith jobs after asking permission of the customer
  • Video Testimonials: Ask satisfied customers to do a short video explaining your performance

This is an untapped resource for locksmiths. How many of your competitors have taken full advantage of this massive market? The ones that are will probably reap the benefits for a long time. It’s time to stake your claim in the most popular content medium on the internet today. Don’t limit social media to a simple post or tweet, take it to the next level through video content on YouTube.

Facebook Business Pages for Locksmiths

Facebook Tablet SignupThere are two types of Facebook pages. The first is the traditional personal page, used to keep in touch with friends and family, and the second is the business page. Locksmiths will want to create a Facebook Business Page. By Investing in Contractor Webmasters pay per lead social media services, we will create that page on behalf of your company. We will then optimize it for the best possible presentation.

Think of your business page as a very important citation. Not only will it contribute to the social signals that search engines look for, but it will indicate a level of authority that you just can’t match elsewhere. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and to have a presence on it is imperative for any business. To further discuss locksmith social media marketing, call us today at 800-775-1250.