LinkedIn Marketing for Contractors

Do Contractors Need LinkedIn Marketing?

Writers Update LinkedIn Company PageContractors looking to expand their business online should absolutely use it. LinkedIn is considered a niche social media network for everyone from business-minded entrepreneurs to CEO’s of massive companies. The common thread between all of them, is a mindset of business. Contractors can easily fall under this category, as growing a service business takes commitment and dedication. LinkedIn offers the following advantages for contractors:

  • Branding: LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to establish brand presence within an industry
  • Market Reach: This social media platform has a diverse group of business minded users
  • Networking: This network can connect contractors with peers, employers, and manufacturers
  • SEO: Optimized company pages can contribute to general SEO as well as social SEO

At Contractor Webmasters, we do everything possible to generate leads for our clients. Since our marketing agreement is pay per lead, contractors never pay a dime until leads are generated. We have experience using LinkedIn to market our clients. We know the success that it can bring with a well optimized company page. Give us a call at 800-775-1250 for LinkedIn Marketing from Contractor Webmasters.

How To Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Team Discussing LinkedIn Marketing StrategyThe benefits of a well optimized LinkedIn company page are clear. But how does one go about the optimization process, and ultimately use LinkedIn to market to potential customers? There are several steps to take initially. They include:

  • Content Sharing: Posting well written content from company blogs or other sources
  • NAP Information: Inputting accurate and consistent name, address, and phone number info
  • Profile Enhancement: Dressing up the profile with a company logo, header, and additional business photos
  • Update Targeting: After accumulating 300 or more followers, target page updates to certain demographics

One aspect of LinkedIn optimization that cannot be understated is profile completeness. In addition to NAP information, and company photos, your profile should also contain a description of your business and a link to your main website. The goal of profile completion is to establish brand authority. Taking the time to complete a full profile is a step in that direction.

Developing a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Contractor Webmasters OwnerAt Contractor Webmasters, we craft a custom marketing strategy for all of your social media profiles. Since our services are on a pay per lead basis, any social media work we do requires no upfront payment. If our campaigns fail to generate leads for your business, you suffer no financial consequences. Of course, that is highly unlikely to happen, since we have an impeccable track record marketing for contractors in the service industry. Our marketing strategy is developed based on industry research and is practiced with dedication and persistence.

Sometimes workers ask, how does pay per lead benefit your company? It allows us to establish trust between the client and ourselves. Since no initial fee is required, contractors can rest assured that they are not at risk of a massive investment loss. With other marketing agreements, contractors are taking a giant risk for potential returns that will be deferred, if they ever come at all. We eliminate that risk with pay per lead. To further discuss LinkedIn marketing and how it can help generate those leads, give us a call at 800-775-1250.