Foundation Repair Social Media

Social Apps for Foundation Repair

SM Activity Contributes to Foundation Repair Leads

Foundation repair contractors looking for exclusive leads through social media should partner with Contractor Webmasters. We are a pay per lead marketing company that offers social media management services. If you are wondering how social media helps create contractor leads, review the concepts below:

  • Social Advertising: Pay for ad space on Facebook and other social networks
  • Social Engagement: Engage with current and future customers through social activity
  • Social Sharing: Share blog posts, images, and events on Twitter and other networks
  • Social Signals: Create SEO friendly social signals by earning likes, follows, shares, & mentions

Not each of these will directly produce leads, but all of them combined will contribute to an online presence that is conducive to lead generation. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are 3 popular platforms for foundation repair contractors. For companies with many images to share, Instagram also becomes a viable option. To discuss foundation repair social media marketing services, call us today at 800-775-1250.

What to Post on Social Media?

Twitter Tablet for Foundation Repair

You Can Post a Wide Array of Content on Twitter

Foundation repair companies often are at a loss for the type of content they should share on social media. With Contractor Webmasters social media marketing plan, we will handle that for you. All of our posts have a common goal, exclusive lead generation. Some types of content we post are:

  • Blog Posts: Share blog posts on social media
  • Contests: Engage a wide audience with an interactive contents
  • Discounts: Offer 15% off to new customers in the local area
  • Giveaways: Offer a prize giveaway for new customer referrals

As you can see, many options exist for sharing social content. Another option is to curate content. Content curation refers to the redistribution of relevant content from 3rd parties. For example, if you follow a home improvement media channel on social media, they might post an article about foundation repair. You can then re-tweet this article to your followers who will then engage with your account.

Social Media Advertising for Foundation Repair Leads

Facebook Tablet for Foundation RepairGoogle is not the only internet platform to place advertisements on (via PPC). With the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, foundation repair companies can take advantage of the ad space. Think about the number of users who use Facebook alone? And when you consider that most social platforms offer lead specific advertisement templates, there is no reason not to take advantage.

Advertising has gone almost completely digital in today’s marketplace. Where are potential customers spending most of their time? It’s not reading a newspaper, or the Yellow Pages, it’s using social media apps like Facebook. Contractor Webmasters believes in meeting the consumer at their preferred destination. Social advertising helps us do just that. Call 800-775-1250 for foundation repair social media marketing.