Fence & Gate Social Media Marketing Services

If you want to grow your Fence and Gate company’s online presence, social media is one of several places to focus. As part of our monthly SEO services, Contractor Webmasters helps fence and gate companies run Facebook Ads and acquire new customers.

Our property DataPins software also creates social proof for recent fence repair and gate installation jobs. You can showcase these recent jobs directly on your website and share them on your social media profiles.

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Facebook Ads for Fence Repair and Gate Installation

Facebook Ads can have a good return on investment with a proper strategy. At Contractor Webmasters, we understand how to optimize your Facebook Advertising campaign. We’ve worked with thousands of contractors over the past 10 years and understand the importance of brand synergy online.

Facebook Ads allow contractors to target specific areas and demographics most likely to purchase services from your company. If you can target individuals ready to invest in fence and gate repair, you can quickly get lots of new jobs. However, many contractors also misuse Facebook Ads for negative ROI.

Contractor Facebook Lead Ad Form

Using Facebook Lead Ads, fence and gate companies can create lead forms to capture prospective customers’ contact info.

Other Social Media Marketing Options for Fence & Gate

Facebook isn’t the only platform to run ads for your business. You can also utilize YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, and more. Aside from paid advertising, social media can also be helpful for SEO.

When you create social signals from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, you can appear more favorably to Google’s algorithm. Furthermore, social profiles serve as citation sources that produce nofollow links.

YouTube videos can even rank directly on Google SERPs with video results. As a result, it’s wise to include social media marketing within your overall SEO strategy. Don’t forget about sharing blog posts on your Facebook page, as this can help the article earn relevant links, which ultimately impacts its rankings