Window Treatment SEO

Window Treatment SEO

What is Window Treatment SEO?

Window treatment SEO is the process of improving your window treatment company’s visibility on Google search results. It involves a wide range of processes including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, and technical SEO.

Why Should Window Companies Care About SEO?

The goal of SEO is to increase lead generation. That’s why window treatment professionals invest in SEO services. When your company ranks high in organic search rankings and on the local map pack, it generates more clicks and starts to get more phone calls and email requests. If you are confident in your services, those leads will eventually become paying customers.

The Principles of Window Contractor SEO

Website Design

The first thing window treatment companies need is a website. If you have an existing domain, Contractor Webmasters will transfer it so that we can host your brand new design on the existing domain. This helps give you a jump start for SEO since Google is already aware of the domain’s age. We then implement our custom design which is branded specifically for your company.

Window Treatment WordPress Website Design

Schema Markup

Google provides webmasters with a method of communicating the details of a website through a microdata language known as Schema is implemented within a website’s codebase to highlight important elements about the company, its location, its services, and other components.

URL Structure

We map out URLs to keyword targets so that you have a unique page for each of your window treatment services. We create a hierarchy where URLs are siloed beneath primary pages in order of importance. For example, you could have a hierarchy of

Top Tier: Homepage

Mid Tier: Services Page

Low Tier: Blind Services, Drapery Services, Shutter Services

Visual & Graphic Design

We design custom websites for window treatment companies that capture the attention of visitors. It’s one thing to optimize for keywords, but its quite another to convert that traffic into actual leads. Our graphic and visual design team makes sure your site is engaging for the audience and represents your brand accordingly.

Keyword Research

There are many tools we use to research the best keywords for your industry (window treatment) and service area (we work with window companies throughout the U.S and Canada). Some of the tools at our disposal include SEMRush, MOZ Keyword Explorer, and LSIGraph. We create a list of the best keywords to target so that we can implement them into your URL structure and content.

Window Treatment LSI Keywords

Primary Keyword

Your primary keyword will go within your homepage title tag. An example of a primary keyword in your industry would be window treatments. If you were located in Denver, CO, the title tag would be something like Window Treatments in Denver, CO | Name of Your Company. Since your homepage has the most content and most inbound links, it will always target the most prized keyword.

Secondary Keywords

The homepage helps you rank for your main keyword, but the real magic of SEO exists in the secondary keywords. Your goal is to rank for all of your individual service pages so we target specific keywords relating to those on each page. For example, your draperies page would have a title tag like Window Draperies in Denver, CO | Name of Your Company. We have had great success with optimizing for secondary terms.

Semantic / LSI Keywords

The title tag tells Google exactly what the page is targeting, but for the page to rank well, the subsequent content must be full of semantic (LSI) keywords. For those that don’t know, LSI keywords are synonyms of the sort that are related to the target keyword. They are terms that users are searching for within the same search session as the target keyword. Contractor Webmasters implements LSI keywords from

Content Writing

Window Company Web Content WordPress

Pages are optimized through the writing of unique content on each page. In 2020, no window company will rank on Google without quality content that is written for the user. Back in the earlier days of SEO, sites could get away with stuffing keywords into thin content and ignoring the reading experience. Today, Google only rewards pages that are written with a purpose for the reader.


All of your pages need content, from the homepage to the least visited service page. Generally speaking, the pages that generate the most traffic will also have the most content. We write your content based on the demand of the user. For instance, your homepage will have a long word count and internal links to your most important interior pages. Your service pages will be slightly shorter, but still, inform the reader of what they need.


In addition to pages, websites can benefit from regular blog posts. Blogs are where you can produce content that is not offering a specific service but is instead informing your consumers about the information they might find interesting. An example of this would be: 6 Reasons Window Treatments Can increase Home Value. This page not only helps SEO if people search about that topic, but it can also create leads if you properly link to your service pages within the blog post.


Having buttons to share your posts or pages can help spread them to a wider audience. Each of our websites incorporates social media icons so that users can not only find your material through your own social channels but possibly even share them on their own profiles. Social shares create link equity that helps boost your overall rankings, assuming the content is of high quality.

Google My Business

Manage Google My Business Screenshot

No SEO presence is complete without Google My Business. You have probably heard that you need NAP citations to show up on local search results. Contractor Webmasters submits your business info to different directories which helps search engines verify your existence and accurate data. The most important citation of all is one that we handle manually, which is Google My Business.

NAP Info

Name, address, phone number (NAP) is how Google defines businesses on the web. You must ensure that your information is consistent and accurate throughout the whole web, but your GMB profile should be your anchor. The info should also mirror that on the footer of your website, which is something we incorporate on your behalf.

Listing Optimization

Google My Business has a whole bunch of features to help business owners attract new clients. They allow you to input business hours, create GMB posts, answer common customer questions, and list-out your nearby service areas. Contractor Webmasters optimizes your GMB listing for ideal results.


Part of local SEO is review generation because Google favors businesses with verified reviews in local map pack rankings. Contractor Webmasters offers an in-house review plugin called Righteous Reviews that is only available from us. It streamlines the entire review process for the customer so that they can easily leave a Google review straight from your website. It also sends out text and email reminders.

Contractor SEO Services for Window Treatment

If you are interested in contractor SEO services, we can help. We provide all of the components mentioned on this page including web design, keyword research, content writing, GMB management. We also offer PPC management to window contractors who are looking to appear within Google Ads at the top of search engines. Our primary focus, however, is SEO. Organic SEO is the best use of your resources over time.

Contractor Webmasters is the leading window treatment SEO agency in the United States. Our team of SEO experts includes web designers, PPC specialists, SEO analysts, and social media coordinators. Our process is not based on gut-feeling but rather a decade full of research and data to support our techniques. We put each of our clients in the best position to succeed and look forward to working with your business in 2020 and beyond.

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