SEO for Plumbing Contractors

Should Plumbing Contractors Use SEO?

Plumbing Contractor Tools Search engine optimization is the foundation of online marketing. Without it, search engines would be unable to present the most relevant results to their users, and plumbers would lose out on valuable marketing leads. SEO is a partnership between a website and a search engine. The website meets the standards of Google, Bing, and Yahoo in exchange for a fair representation on search engine results pages. Plumbing contractors need SEO for the reasons below:

  • Audience Targeting: Search optimization allows plumbers to target a defined audience
  • Brand Authority: Establishing a reputation for ethical SEO practices enhances brand authority
  • Lead Generation: Organic search is the best source for quality lead generation
  • Search Visibility: SEO allows your company to show up for multiple relevant keywords

Search optimization has great upside, but is there any downside? The only knock on SEO is that it takes a while to implement. Plumbers looking for instant results will have their patience tested with organic search. An effective compromise is to launch a PPC campaign while simultaneously working on SEO. This method combines the quick results of pay per click with the sustainable success of search engine optimization. Call 800-775-1250 for SEO for plumbing contractors.

How SEO Produces Leads for Plumbers

Plumbing Contractor WorkingAt Contractor Webmasters, we monetize plumbing company sales leads. Instead of paying for search engine optimization, you pay instead, only for the leads they produce. The optimization process is conducive to leads for the following reasons:

  • Brand Awareness: Through organic behaviors, presenting a well regarded plumbing company builds trust among prospective customers
  • Calls to Action: Content optimized with CTAs like phone number links, encourage new leads
  • Niche Marketing: Optimizing individual service pages with on page SEO, appeals to audiences
  • Traffic Relevance: Well optimized pages attract relevant users with high conversion potential

SEO is part of the lead generation process, but only if it’s done properly. That’s why paying for SEO alone is a major risk for plumbers. What if your website, despite optimization services, fails to produce any new leads for your plumbing company? Your investment goes down the drain and you don’t know how you’ll recover. Eliminate that risk with pay per lead marketing from Contractor Webmasters.

How Plumbing Contractors Should Optimize for Keywords

Marketer at PC Working on Plumbing SEOThe keyword research process is different for every industry. For example, a plumbing contractor will want to target both local keywords and industry keywords. Since most leads will be coming from local search, properly marketing your service area is critical to customer acquisition. Still, industry keywords are what distinguishes your services from other local companies. Contractor Webmasters finds the sweet spot between local and industry keywords.

The primary metrics we look for in a promising keyword are; search volume and keyword difficulty. The best keywords have enough volume to be relevant, but not so much competition to where ranking for that keyword becomes highly improbable. With our years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to rank plumbing contractors on page one of Google. Call 800-775-1250 for search engine optimization services.