Painter SEO for Lead Generation

Painter SEO Company OfficeIf you are a painting contractor looking to generate exclusive leads online, you have come to the right place. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead SEO services for painters across the United States. Unlike other marketing companies, we charge only for results. SEO helps us achieve those results by:

  • Appealing to Google: Customers come to Google to find home service workers like painters, it is our job to appeal to Google and its users
  • Building Trust: Earning a top organic ranking is a co-sign by Google to your company’s credibility
  • Reaching Customers: Ranking on page one of Google gets your website seen by many
  • Sustaining Visibility: SEO is a long-term solution for consistent advertising

Though other promotion mediums are available, like PPC, Facebook, and more, nothing proves as effective for lead generation as organic search. In fact, according to surveys, 80% of consumers turn to search engines when looking for a local business. As a pay per lead service, it is our job to produce the most possible leads through this method. Call 800-775-1250 for painter SEO services.

Acquiring Painting Leads Through SEO

Writers Perform Painter Website OptimizationAs a pay per lead business, our goal is the same as yours; generate leads. We know that leads are what drives both of our businesses to success or failure. While other companies make promises about traffic, ranking, and engagement, we focus on a metric more important than all of those combined; leads. SEO is a major factor in helping acquiring them. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: We Research Keywords and Customer Psychology
  • Step 2: We Write Quality Content That Utilizes Those Keywords
  • Step 3: You Begin Ranking Organically for Industry and Local Search Queries
  • Step 4: You Attract Relevant Traffic Which More Easily Converts into Leads
  • Step 5: Your Phone Rings With Exclusive Leads Ready to Become Customers
  • Step 6: You Pay a Fee for Each Exclusive Lead, but for Nothing Else

There is nothing more attractive to painting contractors than the pay per lead model. Many cannot afford to invest in proper marketing services knowing that a negative ROI is possible. We eliminate this risk by doing all the marketing work, free of charge. It is not until that work produces actual leads that you will pay a fee to our company. It’s a win-win situation for all contractors.

SEO and Brand Trust

Writers Optimize for Painting LeadsWorking as a painting contractor, you probably have a pretty good idea about the needs and preferences of your average customer. In almost every case, trust is a major preference. Since painting jobs have been traditionally acquired via word of mouth, the endorsement of your company from a former customer or acquaintance served as your trust builder. In today’s landscape, Google serves as that trust builder. By ranking at the top of SERPs for specific keywords, you can gain a lifetime’s worth of endorsements in one sitting.

Contractor Webmasters is very forthright about our philosophy. We believe that leads drive the painting contractor business, and that those alone should be the objective of every marketing strategy. But most importantly, we actualize that philosophy with our pay per lead services. If our marketing fails to produce leads, you will never pay a dime to our company. Start paying for results by calling 800-775-1250 for painter SEO services and painting leads.