SEO for Locksmiths

Team Reviews Locksmith Leads

The Quality of SEO Depends on Various Factors

Locksmith’s need leads to keep their business going. But how do they generate those leads? Traditionally, it has been through the Yellow Pages and word of mouth. As the internet has evolved, the majority of leads now come from search engines like Google. The most efficient way to market on Google is with search engine optimization. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead SEO, which includes:

  • Keyword Optimization: We help you rank for keywords within the locksmith industry
  • Link Building: We help your website earn authority backlinks, and implement internal links as well
  • Mobile Customization: We use custom mobile design to build your website
  • On Page SEO: We optimize title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions

Organic leads are usually the best ones on the internet. When SEO is done properly, relevant traffic
Is generated, which produces quality leads. When the user finds your website based on their own interests, rather than being forced to see it, the likelihood of converting them into a customer is much greater. Call 800-775-1250 for Locksmith SEO.

How Locksmiths Can Earn Quality Backlinks

Content Editors Perform SEO for Locksmiths

[nw_data field=company] Only Uses Ethical Link Building

One major element to SEO for locksmiths is link building. When discussing how to earn quality backlinks, the keyword is; EARN. While some marketing companies may claim they can automatically provide you with backlinks, they are most likely using practices such as link schemes that are against Google’s standards. Contractor Webmasters uses ethical link building practices like:

  • Content Quality: Our staff writers create elite level web content
  • Directory Listings: Citing your company on Better Business Bureau and Google My Business
  • Social Media: With Facebook and Twitter Marketing, we create more link opportunities

There are other ways to generate backlinks, but you never want to venture outside of the ethical realm. Google will penalize your website for excessive manipulation, and have the right to determine what does and does not constitute that. As a client of Contractor Webmasters, you will never have to worry about blurring that ethical line, because we only use practices that are acceptable to Google.

Exclusive Locksmith Leads

Writers Optimize Website for Locksmith SEONot all locksmith leads hold equal value. Why? Because some lead generation companies do not offer what are known as exclusives. Instead, they give the lead to multiple locksmiths and let them all fight it out to see who can secure the customer. You will never find yourself in such a precarious position with Contractor Webmasters. All of our locksmith leads are exclusive!

If you are worried about the upfront payment for our SEO services, which include, a new, fully optimized, custom WordPress website, social media marketing, and local mapping, don’t be.; there isn’t one. In fact, it is not until exclusive leads are produced that you end up paying anything at all. Call 800-775-1250 to discuss pay per lead SEO for locksmiths.