Link Building for Contractors

Link Building for Contractor Lead Generation

Writers Linking to External SitesYes. Links are a primary signal that affect search engine rankings. Generating reputablehigh-authority backlinks increases the likelihood of ranking #1 on Google SERPs, which in turn produces high quality leads. In fact, Moz lists the benefits of link building for business, in detail. Some ways in which link building can help your contractor business include:

  • Branding: Earning links from authority sites establishes your brand in that industry
  • Networking: Building links with other websites helps network your brand to other markets
  • Referral Traffic: Backlinks from relevant websites create a new channel for relevant traffic
  • SEO: Of course, Google considers backlinks when determining website rankings

Contractors looking to establish a brand in a local community must gradually build quality links. In addition to backlinks, your website can also send outbound links to authority sites. By abiding by the link building ethics of relevance and organic placement, you can evoke a positive response from search engines and produce exclusive leads. Call 800-775-1250 for link building services from Contractor Webmasters.

Creating Pages Worth Linking To

Writers Creating Internal LinksIn order to earn quality backlinks, your website must present pages worth linking to. In most cases, backlinks will be inbound links to your homepage. It is for this reason, that homepage content and optimization becomes imperative for contractors. To generate high quality backlinks, ensure that your page is:

  • Informative: Your homepage should present content that informs the user about your services
  • Mobile-Friendly: Your website should display optimally on all mobile devices
  • Specific: Your site should be niche specific — in other words, a plumbing company should not talk about generalized topics for contractors
  • Valuable: To earn links, your site must have some inherent value — which can be established through quality content and services offered

Think about links from an earning perspective. Since Google frowns upon deals or understandings between websites to exchange backlinks, earning them organically becomes the only good option. And accomplishing that task can only happen through valuable and engaging content, specifically on your homepage. As a major search ranking signal, establishing quality backlinks is a gradual process that relies on commitment and sustainability.

Link Building for Leads

Employees Checking Link ErrorsContractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing service. Our clients will never pay a dime until leads are generated. That means that our link building services call for zero upfront payment. It is only after our marketing campaign generates leads for your business, that you will be required to submit a payment. If our services fail to generate leads, you incur zero risk and will never pay a dollar.

We are very confident in our ability to generate leads. Creating a website with strong links is a big part of that. We have been working with contractors for years and years, and know exactly what it takes to properly market their services, as well as build relationships with authorities in the industry. If you are interested in link building services from Contractor Webmasters, give us a call at 800-775-1250.