Flooring Store SEO

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As the owner of a flooring company you have a wide market of potential customers. Besides residential flooring leads, your company can also target commercial flooring opportunities. The best way to acquire either, or, is through search engine optimization. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead SEO, which includes:

  • NAP Citation Cleanup: Ensures accuracy of internet business listings
  • Off Site SEO: Optimizes social media and review profiles, and builds inbound links
  • On Site SEO: Optimizes title, header, and meta tags, as well as paragraph content
  • Reputation Management: Generates and responds to reviews on sites like Yelp, and Google My Business

The goal of SEO is to attract relevant consumers to your website. To be considered relevant, a user must have interest in flooring, a proximity to one or more of your flooring stores, and an intention to inquire about flooring services. Relevance is doubly advantageous as it pertains to users. First, relevant users are substantially more likely to become customers, and second, relevant users further enhance SEO by decreasing bounce rates that generally rise because of uninterested visitors. Get started today by calling 800-775-1250 for flooring store SEO.

Blogging for Flooring Stores

Writers Work on Blog Posts

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One of the easiest ways to optimize your website for search is through internal blogging. Unlike external blogs that are hosted on 3rd party accounts, internal blogs are hosted on the same domain as your main website. Because of this, each blog post is crawled by Google as part of your website. This helps keep your site updated regularly. Our blogging services include:

  • Industry Content. Each post will relate to the flooring industry, in some way
  • Keyword Targeted: Posts will aim to rank on search engines for relevant keywords
  • On Staff Writers: Your posts will not be automated, but written by human writers
  • Scheduled Posts: We create a new exclusive blog post for your store, each month

Several tutorials exist about how to optimize blog posts. In fact, Hubspot explains how to search engine optimize your blog content in a recent post of their own. If some of this sounds overwhelming to you as the owner of a flooring company, have no fear. Contractor Webmasters offers scheduled blogging as part of our pay per lead SEO services.

Exclusive Flooring Leads

Team Members Discuss Flooring LeadsNot every lead is valuable. For example, websites like HomeAdvisor offer leads, but they are not exclusive. Flooring stores will be competing against one another for the same customers. With Contractor Webmasters, each and every lead generated through your marketing campaign will be exclusive to your company. Eliminate the stress of trying to beat out other flooring companies for the same customer.

Everyone is aware that leads drive sales, and serve as the backbone of profitable businesses. It is for that reason that we have decided to offer our services on a pay per lead basis. Why pay for a brand new website, designed for mobile presentation, when you have no idea whether it will actually lead to customer acquisition? To sign up today, call 800-775-1250 and ask about flooring store SEO and pay per lead.