Organic SEO for Contractors

Do Contractors Need Organic SEO?

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Organic Search Almost Always Comes from Google

Yes. If there is one foundational component of internet marketing, it is search engine optimization. Organic SEO refers to optimization practices that generate organic, or natural, website traffic. In contrast to paid search marketing such as PPC or traditional web advertising, organic SEO relies on cost-free methods of traffic generation. Some of the main components of organic search optimization include:

  • Keyword Research: Analyzing industry keywords and strategically implementing them within web content
  • Link Building: Acquiring backlinks from authority sites and embedding relevant outbound links within content
  • On Page Optimization: The proper organization of title, header, and meta tags as well page content
  • URL Structure: Comprehensive and efficient structuring of URL’s for the purposes of appealing to search engine crawlers

These factors all have one thing in common; they are free. But don’t mistake cost-efficiency for lack of importance. As a pay per lead marketing company, Contractor Webmasters only employs strategies that will help your company generate leads. Why? Because the only time you pay money is to acquire those generated leads. No leads = no cost. Since neither of us want that, we will implement organic SEO throughout your custom website. We understand that organic search is still the number one channel for quality leads. Call 800-775-1250 for organic SEO services.

Differentiating Keywords from SEO

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There is a misnomer in several marketing circles about the true meaning of SEO. Many marketers will attempt to market keyword research and implementation as the equivalent of SEO. This concept is inaccurate. While keywords can and do contribute to a website’s search optimization, they are only one aspect of a much larger palette of organic components. Additionally, there are keyword practices that actually detract from the process of SEO. Review the differences between good and bad keyword practices, regarding SEO:


  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Keyword Hiding

Good SEO

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Placement

Don’t be fooled by manipulative advertisers who wax poetic about their keyword strategy but fail to notify you about the rest of their marketing responsibilities. Again, keywords are still important to search engines but not in the way they once were. Search engines are tools for users, and stuffing keywords within content does not enhance their experience, it hinders it. Keywords should be used as indicators of a page’s content and nothing more. Good content, with sparingly embedded keywords forms the perfect balance for contractor websites. Call 800-775-1250 to discuss our organic SEO services.

SEO Is More Than Content

Another misconception about search engine optimization, is that it fails to expand beyond the realm of content. While content writing, image optimization, and title and header tag optimization are all important, they do not conclude the responsibilities of SEO. Other aspects of optimization include:

  • Domain Registration: Choosing a relevant domain name sets the stage for subsequent pages to be optimized
  • Off Site SEO: There are valuable actions, like; business listing claims, and review management, that occur externally
  • Responsive Design: In today’s market, websites that cannot be accessed, or properly navigated via mobile device, lose significant ground on search results
  • Website Coding: There are things that happen behind the scenes of a website, like coding and development, that contribute substantially to optimization

Organic means natural, and in this case specifically, unpaid. When websites use pay per click advertising to rank above the top Google results, the results they are moving past are called organic results. A search engine results page (SERP) is the page you reach after typing a search query into the box, and pressing search. The top 3 results are usually paid results or PPC, which were paid for by a company. The rest of the results are organic, which are earned through consistent marketing practices.

The #1 SEO Company for Contractors

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SEO companies are not difficult to find online. In fact, there are so many of them, that it can become frustrating to compare one to another. But what about an SEO company that specializes in contractor marketing? Better yet, a company that specializes in contractor leads. At Contractor Webmasters, no leads = no cost. You pay only for leads with our pay per lead model. This model offers the following SEO advantages:

  • Accountability: In a traditional SEO agreement, the business pays the marketing firm upfront and then has to rely on them to perform at the highest possible level — with Contractor Webmasters model, the marketing service is constantly held accountable because success is the only profitable option
  • Cost/Time Efficiency: Normally businesses will pay an upfront fee for organic search optimization, and the process takes a while to become effective — with pay per lead marketing, businesses incur zero cost while waiting for the optimization process to take place and be recognized by Google
  • Measurability: Return on investment, or ROI, is difficult to measure with typical marketing agreements, but with Contractor Webmasters, leads are the only cost, making ROI a simple calculation
  • Tangibility: Any business can promise quality SEO, but what actually matters is the tangible output, aka; lead generation, and that’s exactly what Contractor Webmasters monetizes

It is actually surprising that more contractors don’t demand this type of agreement from their marketing services. If the marketers are confident in their services, they will happy to monetize output rather than input. This shifts the pressure from the contractor business, to the marketing company. Accountability becomes valuable once you understand that both parties are working towards the same goal; new leads. Call 800-775-1250 for organic SEO from Contractor Webmasters.