Roofer Local SEO

Roofer Working on Damaged RoofSearch engine optimization has transitioned over the last decade to entail something different than its original application. Today, local SEO is more important than SEO in general. Advances in technology have allowed search engines to segment results to users based on their location. Roofing companies should optimize their business locally through:

  • Citation Sources: Business listings on directories, social media, etc.
  • Geo-Mapping: Location mapping on Google Maps, MapQuest, and other platforms
  • Mobile Websites: Mobile-friendly websites with simple navigation and calls to action
  • Social Media: A presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Each of the above plays a role in local optimization. Google determines the credibility, and authority of a local business based on their online presence, which is based on relevance, distance and prominence. If you are a roofing contractor interested in establishing your business locally, give Contractor Webmasters a call at 800-775-1250.

How Local SEO Produces Roofer Leads

Navigation MapContractor Webmasters is a pay per lead service, meaning our local SEO services require no upfront payment. It is only when local leads are produced for your roofing company, that you make a payment. If you’re wondering how local optimization produces leads, consider the factors below:

  • Click to Call: Mobile users can click a phone number link on your website and connect to your office
  • Conversion Rate: Consumers tend to operate out of trust, and are willing to invest in trusted services
  • CTR: More users will click on your website if it is established as reputable on search engines
  • Mobile Reach: Local users tend to search on mobile devices, which makes a mobile first website advantageous for roofers

These are some of the ways in which local search optimization produces leads for roofing companies. Remember, you only pay when leads are produced. Contractor Webmasters applies our local optimization services BEFORE you pay. We are very confident that this model will produce a number of quality leads for your company.

Applying Click to Call Functionality

Mobile GPS LocationAt Contractor Webmasters we use what is known as click to call functionality as part of our local SEO services. Our web designers embed code within written content to display a phone number link. Users who access the website via mobile device can then click this link and be immediately connected by phone, to your roofing company’s office.

Based on internal research, click to call has a positive impact on conversion rates and lead generation. The convenience and expediency of this feature aligns with the ideals of today’s internet user. Most have short attention spans and are looking for fast solutions. This great feature accomplishes both of those feats and leads are generated as a result. Call 800-775-1250 for roofer local SEO services.