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We Offer Pest Control Local SEO

Pest control companies rely on local leads to help their business grow. The best way to acquire those leads in 2017 is through local search engine optimization. Contractor Webmasters offers local SEO services on a pay per lead basis, meaning you only pay once exclusive leads are produced. Our philosophy regarding local search engine optimization is:

  • Directory Listings: We claim and optimize listings on directories like Google My Business and Better Business Bureau
  • Keyword Strategy: We research local and industry keywords and combine them for long tail keywords
  • Local Mapping: We verify your business location on Google Maps
  • Reputation Management: We generate and monitor customer reviews about your services

To simplify the process of local search optimization, think of it in terms of visibility and accuracy. You want your logo, NAP information, and company philosophy in as many places as possible. With that said, all of those citations must be accurate and consistent to fully maximize their impact on search rankings. Call 800-775-1250 for pest control local SEO services.

Directory Listings for Pest Control Companies

Angie's List on Tablet as Citation

Angie;s List is One of Several Citations Worth Claiming

As we’ve stated, visibility is a critical aspect of local SEO. The best way to become visible, outside from a well designed website, is through online directory listings. These are the modern day Yellow Pages in digital form. And like those suspect looking Yellow Pages knock-offs in the late 80’s, some directories are not good places to be listed. Pest control companies should be listed on the following directories:

  • Angie’s List: A home service directory
  • Better Business Bureau: An authority on business reputations across the United States
  • Google My Business: Google’s business directory and the most important citation for SEO
  • HomeAdvisor: An additional home service directory

When users search for a pest control service near them, they are going to want to see multiple indications of credibility. Having a website is certainly important, but it can’t be the only source of information about your company online. The directories above are all considered trustworthy and can influence search rankings if properly optimized. Moz’s 2017 local search ranking factors lists citation signals as one of the contributors, further illustrating the importance of such listings.

Marking Your Pest Control Company on Google Maps

Implementing Pest Control Local SEO

Google Maps Helps Users Locate Your Business

The steps for adding your business to Google Maps is simple. The first thing you must do is ensure you have a Maps account. If you have ever used GMail, Google My Business, Google Maps, or Google Plus, you will have an account. Follow these steps to list your business on Maps:

  1. 1. Navigate to Google Maps
  2. 2. Search for Your Company
  3. 3. Choose Suggest an Edit in the Card Below the Search Box
  4. 4. Follow On Screen Instructions
  5. 5. Choose Submit

Contractor Webmasters handles all mapping services as part of our local SEO plan. We are a pay per lead service, so zero upfront charges are required. If you are having trouble generating leads locally, you may have the wrong local optimization plan in place, or not have one at all. Call 800-775-1250 for pest control local SEO services.