Fence and Gate Local SEO

Web Developers Implementing Local MappingTo acquire local customers you must generate local leads. The best way for fence and gate contractors to do that, is through local search engine optimization. Local SEO accounts for several location-specific variables that appeal to the local consumers, and rank well local search results. Some of these variables include:

  • Authority Link Building: Earning links from local authority websites
  • Citation Source Claiming: The claiming and optimizing of directory listings
  • Mobile Website Design: A mobile-friendly website using responsive design
  • Social Media Marketing: The creation of social signals through social media activity

The success, or lack thereof, of local SEO is heavily influenced by local search engine ranking factors. Some of those include social signals, link signals, citation signals, and more. Contractor Webmasters offers local SEO services on a pay per lead basis. Our agreement requires no upfront payment, and you only make a payment once exclusive leads are produced. Call 800-775-1250 for fence and gate local SEO.

Top Business Directories for Fence and Gate Companies

Writers Crafting Local ContentAs previously noted,  citation signals are considered a local search ranking factor. When your company is listed on reputable directories, Google receives signals that indicate reputation, credibility, etc. But what are the best business directories for a fence and gate contractor to claim and optimize their listing on? Start with the following:

  • Angie’s List: A niche directory for home service contractors
  • Better Business Bureau: A well-regarded authority on business credibility
  • Google My Business: The most important and SEO significant directory
  • HomeAdvisor: Another niche directory for home service contractors

Why is GMB the most important you ask? Because of its direct influence on search results. When you type in your company name on a Google search query, a company profile should show up on the top right side of the screen. This is of course assuming that you have properly optimized your business page with NAP information, company logos, and a descriptive about me section.

Building Local Links for Fence and Gate Contractors

Team Discussing Fence and Gate Local SEOIt’s no secret that link building is a major part of local internet marketing. Think of a link as an association. If the associate is reputable, credible, and authoritative, the association increases in value. The opposite is also true. For a local fence and gate contractor, the goal is to be listed on a top contractors in the area type of list on a reputable website. This signals to Google that you deserve consideration for moving up.

Contractor Webmasters knows what it takes to earn quality links. We also know that many marketing companies participate in manipulative link building practices. We never do this. Not only is it unethical, but it will end up costing you in the form of a Google penalty. Instead, we focus on building credible links that assist with lead generation. Our services require no upfront fee, and you only pay when exclusive leads emerge. Call 800-775-1250 for fence and gate local SEO services.