Roofer Content Writing

Writers Craft Roofer ContentA roofing website without quality content is effectively useless. Google says that content is key to creating a great website with the best possible user experience. About a decade prior, web developers could get away with manipulative practices like keyword stuffing, and link scheming, in order to make content appear valuable to search engines. As Google has gotten more sophisticated, websites who wish to rank high on results have had to refrain from those black-hat SEO tactics. Today, web content must possess the following qualities:

  • Credible
  • Engaging
  • High Quality
  • Informative
  • Valuable

It is no longer acceptable to scrape content from 3rd party sources and embed 20 instances of “cheap roofer in oklahoma city” within the paragraph. This discourages users from taking your website seriously, which Google has gotten better at enforcing in relation to SEO. Websites that hold no value to the user, as a result, hold no value to search engines. For high quality roofer content writing, call Contractor Webmasters at 800-775-1250.

Can I Automate My Content Writing

Roofer Content WritersMany roofers who can’t afford a staff of content writers might look into artificial intelligence options for writing web pages. This is a bad idea. These systems of AI are not sophisticated enough to produce the credible and engaging content that Google explicitly states as the standard. Automated content has a tendency to reveal the following problems:

  • Credibility: Once readers discover the “fakeness” of your content, they will assume the worst
  • Grammar: Even with advances in technology, AI writing fails to contextualize grammar
  • Readability: Users reading AI writing can notice a lack of flow and rhythm to the sentences
  • Specificity: AI can write generally on topics but can’t apply details in context of the overall topic

The bottom line is that roofing websites should have original content written by human beings. Perhaps one day Google will no longer be able to tell the difference between authentic and synthetic writing, but that day is not today. As long as user experience remains the top priority for search engines, machine writing has a long way to go to satisfy their needs.

What Determines Content Value?

Team Discussing Roofing WebsiteGoogle often mentions value as a quality that web content should possess. But what exactly constitutes valuable content? In the case of roofing websites, value is derived from the effectiveness of the message. If your website offers commercial and residential roofing, services should be conveyed in a manner that influences the reader’s decision to pursue services. The user should exit your website having satisfied the original intent of your search query.

One way value is established in web content is uniqueness. While the similarity in services for roofing companies makes unique content a challenge, focus should be placed more so in how the services are being marketed, rather than what the services are. Take for example; TPO roof coatings for commercial buildings. Approach the service from an innovative angle. Explain how your application of the service separates you from competition. Contractor Webmasters can help convey that message with our team of content writers. Call 800-775-1250 for roofer content writing services.