Plumbing Company Web Content

Content Editing InstructionIf you are a plumbing company looking to market your services online, well written web content is critical. Most plumbers understand that ranking well on Google directly translates to lead generation, but there is some confusion about how to accomplish that task. Unbeknownst to many, web content influences the following marketing factors:

  • Brand Development: Content influences perception, and helps dictate authority, reputation, and credibility within the plumbing industry
  • CRO: Conversion rates are optimized when the reader is lead through the conversion tunnel, through well written and informative content that explains the value of services
  • Relevance: Generating traffic is one thing, generating traffic that holds value to your company is quite another — relevant traffic with high conversion potential produces leads for plumbers
  • SEO: Google prioritizes websites with well written content, intended to inform the user and not manipulate them, and that priority is reflected in search rankings

Traditionally, plumbing contractors will pay a marketing service to write web content for their website, and hope that the content produces new leads. Contractor Webmasters believes this marketing model is illogical. Since what plumbers value you most are sales leads, we offer our services on a pay per lead basis. The web content requires no upfront payment, and you only pay when leads are produced. Call 800-775-1250 for plumbing company web content.

What Constitutes Well Written Content?

Writers Work on Plumbing WebsiteThere are many plumbing websites on the internet, but what differentiates them in terms of content? Google offers us some insight on this subject through their quality guidelines. Some of the factors that determine the quality of web content include:

  • Engagement: Web pages that engage users with thoughtful, informative writing
  • Intent: Content written and presented to inform the user, rather than manipulate search engines
  • Originality: Pages that present unique information to search engine users
  • Value: Web pages that satisfy the search engines pursuit of relevant information

Google more clearly states what NOT to do in regards of content, than what TO DO. With that said, content writers can proceed with action based on deductive reasoning. If your web pages don’t participate in any of poor practices described by Google, they will, by default, be doing the opposite. Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing company, so that content will never cost money until it helps produce leads.

Original vs Scraped Content

Employees Edit Plumbing Company ContentSome plumbing websites decide to scrape their content from other sources. In some cases, this is as blatant as copying and pasting paragraphs from other pages which would fall under the penalty of plagiarism. In other cases, it is more subtle, like taking old blog posts (from your own company) and repackaging them as web pages. While this isn’t illegal, it can create duplicate content problems for your website.

Besides scraped content, automated content can also be damaging to your website. Artificial intelligence has come a long way, but it hasn’t come long enough to present easily readable sentences and paragraphs. Readers will notice that the tone and / or syntax of the words seem robotic and artificial. Contractor Webmasters employs human content writers to work on individual plumber websites. Call 800-775-1250 for plumbing company web content.