Web Content for Painting Contractors

Editing Content for New Painting Contractor WebsiteOne of the most important aspects of internet marketing is content writing. For painting contractors, having a visually appealing website is not enough. In fact, Google publicly states that the key to creating a great user experience, and great website in-turn, is valuable content. For content to be valuable, it must be:

  • Credible: Truthful and helpful, rather than manipulative and disingenuous
  • Distinguishable: Notable in comparison to other web pages covering the same subject
  • Engaging: Appealing enough to readers to hold their attention
  • Informative: Educational and useful to interested readers

When readers find your pages helpful and informative, they are more likely to become a customer. In addition, they are more likely to share your website, via links, or word of mouth, with other people. Painters understand that leads drive their business, and if great content is a path to those leads, it makes perfect sense to incorporate it. Call 800-775-1250 for painter content writing services.

Content and SEO for Painting Contractors

Writing Painter Content for WebsiteTo understand the true value of quality content, you must understand its influence on search engine optimization. Google states that the key to creating a great user experience is high quality content. We also know that Google determines rankings based on how websites appeal to their users. Some of the SEO metrics impacted by quality content include:

  • Bounce Rate: The number of users who exit immediately upon entrance
  • Click Through Rate: The amount of users who click your result after seeing it
  • Sessions: The number of pageviews per visit
  • Session Length: The amount of time spent on an individual page

These metrics help Google and other search engines quantify the user experience on a given website. If the numbers indicate a positive user experience, it is reflected in the rankings. The same holds true when the metrics indicate a negative experience. With Contractor Webmasters, these metrics will all improve and help you climb the rankings.

How Content Influences Lead Generation

Reviewing Web Content SpecificsContractor Webmasters is a pay per lead marketing company. Every practice we incorporate into our marketing strategy is designed to produce exclusive leads for your company. This concept is reflected in our agreement. We charge zero upfront fees, and painting contractors only pay once leads are produced. Content writing is part of the lead generation process. It improves SEO, encourages calls to action, and best informs visitors about the benefits of your services.

Professional web design is important. But it should not come at the expense of writing quality. The most visually appealing website on the internet will fail to reach its full potential without high quality, well-written pages. Contractor Webmasters employs professional writers, each who have experience writing for your industry. Call 800-775-1250 for painter content writing services.