Limousine Rental Website Content

Limo Rental Web Content

Content Plays a Major Role in How High You Rank

Contractor Webmasters is a pay per lead content writing service for limousine rental companies. We write content that follows Google’s quality guidelines so that we can get you ranking on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for industry keywords. Our website content services include:

  • Google Optimization: As mentioned, we follow Google quality guidelines
  • Industry Specific Content: We specialize in the limousine rental industry
  • On Staff Writers: We don’t use automated writing software, but instead on-staff human writers
  • Keyword Placement: We research industry keywords and strategically place them within content

Believe it or not the primary separator between a mediocre and great website is not web design or visual enhancement, it is content. Google considers content to be the best indicator of user experience. It is critical that the user finds information that they looked for in their initial search query. The most luxurious pop-up ads are not going to give them that. But well written content, clearly explaining your limousine rental services will. Call 800-775-1250 for limousine rental website content.

Choosing the Right Limousine Rental Keywords

Limousine Rental Content Writing Meeting

Research Determines the Best Keyword Options

Various keyword research tools help us determine the best keywords to target for your limousine rental website. We look at different metrics to find the sweet spot between demand and opportunity. The language of the metrics will vary depending on your tool of choice (SEMRush, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc.) Some of the specific metrics we look for include:

  • CPC Price/Cost: The price or bid it would take to start a PPC campaign for this keyword
  • CTR Potential: The potential percentage of users who would click on a keyword relevant link
  • Keyword Difficulty: The competition level of the keyword, or how hard it is to rank for it
  • Search Volume: The amount of monthly searches for a given keyword

These metrics give us as advertisers a good indication about which keywords to place in your content. We will use them in title tags, header tags, meta descriptions and body content. We will also use them within the flow of the page writing to avoid keyword stuffing or any unnatural sounding language. We strive for the best user experience, and only use keywords as a way to connect with relevant traffic.

Limousine Website Content for Lead Generation

Editor Reviews Limousine Rental Web ContentSince we are a pay per lead company, you only pay once exclusive contractor leads are produced. That means, the content writing that takes place for your website requires no upfront payment. And if it fails to produce any leads, it requires no payment at all. This eliminates the risk for negative ROI for your website investment. You pay for results rather than process.

If you are still confused about the concept of PPL, think about this way. A traditional content writing company would have you pay a monthly fee for the writing services they provide. Those services may ultimately produce leads which would make the monthly cost worth it, but just as likely, they will not produce leads, which will have you losing money each month, with nothing coming back. PPL provides the solution by making sure you only pay for results. Call 800-775-1250 for limousine rental website content for lead generation.