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How should a landscaping company market their services to generate exclusive leads in 2018 and beyond? Traditional methods like newspaper and print ads have become obsolete, and choosing a website design service can be an unreliable headache. One aspect of online marketing that landscapers often overlook is content writing. Google publicly displays quality guidelines for what is expected of a high ranking website. With Contractor Webmasters pay per lead marketing plan, you not only get a custom landscape website with no upfront charge, but we optimize the site with SEO practices and high quality content writing. Our writing services include:

  • Google Standard: We follow the aforementioned Google quality guidelines
  • Industry Detailed: Our on-staff writers are well versed in the landscape industry and know how to market landscaping services
  • Keyword Research: Our content managers use keyword research tools to most effectively connect your services with quality leads
  • User Friendly/Focused: We don’t cater to search engines, but rather to users who will eventually become customers

Content marketing encompasses a whole range of intricate details that must be taken seriously by marketing companies. Within your content, not only will you be implementing valuable SEO strategies, like keyword implementation, link building, and more, but you will also be building your company’s external impression to prospective customers. This includes things like branding and authority building. If you are interested in landscape content writing services for lead generation, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Landscaping Content on a Pay Per Lead Basis

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Landscapers Don’t Pay Until Leads are Generated

Most marketing or writing services require a monthly fee to perform content marketing and implementation. This is not the case with Contractor Webmasters. Instead, we employ a pay per lead model. Pay per lead means that our clients only pay once leads are generated as a result of our marketing services. For example, if our content writing failed to produce any leads (calls, emails) to your office, you would end up paying zero dollars for any of our work. You wouldn’t lose a dime. PPL is advantageous to landscaping companies for the following reasons:

  • Inclusive Marketing: Ensure your content precisely follows Google and SEO guidelines and implements modern marketing practices
  • On-Staff Writers: Don’t rely on outsourced writers or machine/robots to craft your content
  • Results Driven: Be resourceful and demand fair treatment by paying for results rather than process
  • Risk Management: Avoid risky propositions that could cost you massive ROI

For many companies, their uncertainty about their own performance makes them wary of PPL. If they end up failing to produce, they have just done a bunch of work for no pay. Contractor Webmasters has no such fears. We are so confident in our ability to deliver results that we are willing to bet 100% on ourselves. Furthermore, we care about the customer. We’ve been working with smaller landscape companies and always enjoy seeing the success generated from our services.

Avoiding Manipulative Content for Landscapers

Editor Reviews Landscape Content WritingIf you’re thinking about going the cheap route with your landscape content marketing, make sure you check the reputation of the prospective services. Some content writing companies use manipulative practices, sometimes known as black hat SEO. These are strongly frowned upon by Google, and can actually elicit an official Google penalty. Anything from keyword stuffing to hidden text, to link scheming, can all cost your website everything it has ever earned.

The strongest principle to act by is developing content for the user and not the search engine. The brilliance of this concept is that it serves both entities. First, the user will enjoy the experience and be more likely to inquire about your services. Second, Google will track user interest in your website through metrics like bounce rate, click through rate, etc. and notice that you are providing value for the reader. As a result, you will earn a boost in the rankings. To discuss our pay per lead content writing services for landscape companies, call us at 800-775-1250 and start generating exclusive leads today.