HVAC Web Content

Do HVAC Contractors Need Web Content?

Team Discuss Content StrategyThe role of content in SEO and lead generation is not up for debate. Without well-written content that meets the standard of Google, and other search engines HVAC contractors will never find success online. Due to various misconceptions about how to rank on the first page of Google, many service companies have lost thousands of dollars in assets, in a marketing landscape where they should be thriving. Contractor Webmasters content writing services include:

  • Human Writers: Instead of using automated writing programs, we employ a team of content writers
  • Image Optimization: We optimize image alt text, descriptions, and file names for optimal display
  • Scheduled Blog Posts: We keep fresh pages circulating on your website with regular blog posts
  • Search Engine Compliance: We never attempt to manipulate search engines through content tricks

Contractor Webmasters pays extra special attention to the behaviors and practices that appeal to search engines. Google is on the record of stating that user experience is their first priority, and that quality content is a major factor in improving that experience. For pay per lead HVAC web content services, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

How Web Content Influences HVAC Leads

Content Meeting for HVAC WebsiteAt Contractor Webmasters, we make our intentions very clear. We are a pay per lead marketing service that charges contractors only for exclusive leads. One of the ways we produce those exclusives is through content writing. Web content helps attract relevant users to your website who are very likely to be interested in your services. Our content ensures this relevance through:

  • Individual Service Pages: We create separate web pages for heating and cooling services, and then sub-services within those main categories
  • Keyword Placement: SW researches industry keywords to determine what your customers are searching for, and then strategically implements those words into the content
  • Meta Descriptions: Our writers inform users exactly what each web page is about through meta descriptions
  • Optimized Title / Header Tags: A major factor in organic SEO is title and header tag optimization, which our content writers attend to with detail and precision

At Contractor Webmasters, we believe that all marketing services should be on a per lead basis. Since sales leads are the only true barometer of success for a marketing campaign, we choose to reflect that in our payment agreement. If our web pages fail to produce leads for your company, you are immune from the risk of ROI losses.

Writing HVAC Blog Posts

Writers Work on HVAC Web ContentMany HVAC contractors cite a lack of blog topics as their reason for not having a blog at all. Contractor Webmasters has the solution with our pay per lead agreement. We will come up with the industry specific blog topics for your posts, and we will post them regularly under your main website domain. Once they begin to generate exclusive leads, only then will you make a payment.

Some of the post topics we create include; tutorials, industry commentary, top 5 lists, etc. We never run out of material with our team of content writers. What’s better, we never post generic blogs about subjects unrelated to the HVAC industry. Every post is written for the individual company for which the blog is marketing. If you would like more information about our pay per lead HVAC web content services, give us a call at 800-775-1250.