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All of Our Content Follow Google Quality Standards

The objective of contractors in the garage floor coating business is to generate as many leads as possible. Preferably these leads will be high quality, and ideally these leads will be exclusive. Contractor Webmasters checks all these boxes with our pay per lead marketing services. A foundational element of our service is web content writing. Through our years of marketing contractors in the service industries, we have learned that websites with high quality content generate the most leads. Our content writing services include:

  • Google Standard: Our writing follows Google’s Quality Guidelines
  • Industry Specific: Our writers don’t go from fortune 500 writing to epoxy flooring writing, but instead focus exclusively on the service industry
  • Keyword Research: Through tools like SEMRush and Keyword Planner, our SEO experts find opportunistic keywords in the epoxy flooring business
  • Original Writing: We employ human content writers, and have no use for content automation

Don’t be fooled be writing services promising you #1 spots on Google. Ask them more specific questions. For example, do they employ human writers? Do they ever automate content? Do they scrape content from other websites? If they can’t give definitive answers about any of those, it would be best to steer clear from them. To discuss our writing services, and how they can help produce leads for your garage floor coating business, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Implementing Epoxy Flooring Keywords

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Keywords Should Not Be Obvious Within Content

If you are unfamiliar with the process of keyword research, it is one of the ways in which websites can enhance SEO. Of course, keywords are only as good as the content writers that utilize them. Google strongly discourages a tactic known as keyword stuffing, where certain words are placed throughout the pages in an unnatural way, harming the reader experience. As for Contractor Webmasters, we research keywords with the following characteristics:

  • High Opportunity: We look for words that may be undervalued or underrepresented on search engines
  • High Search Volume: This metric is available on most keyword tools and gives an indication of the monthly search amount for a given word
  • Industry Relevant: We only target words that will appeal to relevant users, i.e. people who are interested in garage floor coatings
  • Low Difficulty: We aim for long tail keywords that are actually possible to rank for on Google

Another trap to avoid when dealing with content marketing firms, is keyword relevance. Companies may promise to rank you for keywords that, unbeknownst to you, don’t help your business at all. An example of this would be ranking for “how to coat your garage floor DIY”. This keyword will not benefit your company because it doesn’t promote the need for assistance and services. This would be someone looking for DIY tutorials, something your website won’t offer.

Creating the Best User Experience

Editor Corrects Garage Floor Coating ContentGarage floor coating customers visit websites like yours in search of services and information. Following Google’s Quality Guidelines, we create content for the user, and not search engines. We know that by catering to user experience, search engines will take notice. We never engage in keyword stuffing, link scheming, or any other content manipulation tactics.

Contractor Webmasters is the best of both worlds for garage floor coating companies. You’ve probably heard every sales pitch in the book about how this or that service can get you a #1 ranking on Google. Contractor Webmasters cuts the semantics and gives you a straightforward marketing plan. You pay for results only. No upfront payment is required. It is only when exclusive leads are produced, that you pay a fee. Call 800-775-1250 for web content writing services for your garage floor coating business.