Foundation Repair Content

Writers Craft Service Pages for FoundationGoogle has made it very clear over the past decade or so, that content will be a top priority in evaluating a website’s value. They detail as much in their section on how to create valuable content. Every foundation repair company in the country should take notice. In 2017, and beyond, developing high quality web pages will directly influence the success of your business. Each page should be:

  • High Quality: Written by a professional and someone familiar with the industry
  • Informative: Provide the reader with helpful information
  • Relevant: Relate to the search query in which the user previously entered
  • Unique / Original: Custom writing not found elsewhere on the web

If you were told that all you needed to rank well on search engines was keywords and links, you were seriously misinformed. Perhaps, 20 years ago, websites could trick Google into ranking them higher through tactics known as black hat SEO. But today, Google is much more sophisticated. With an advancement in algorithms, websites with well-written content, crafted for the user, will be top priority for the search engine. Call 800-775-1250 for foundation repair content writing services.

Industry Specific Content

Foundation Repair Content MeetingMany services will craft website pages with scraped content from other sources on the net. Others will rely on automated writing that fails to present a detailed understanding of the industry for which it is describing. Contractor Webmasters does none of the above. Instead, we employ in house writers who spend all of their resources researching and writing about the necessary contractor niche. Our content can be customized for:

  • Company Slogan / Ideals: If your business has a notable slogan or phrase, our writers will implement it
  • Individual Services: We break down pages into specific aspects of foundation repair
  • Geographic Location: We market directly to your service area by using local terminology
  • Promotional Campaigns: We craft blog posts, and pages (if necessary) to display your seasonal promotions

You won’t be getting a one size fits all, stock feel from our writing. Instead, your pages will be written specifically for your company and industry, customized with your location, ideals, and slogans. On top of that, you don’t pay anything up front. Once leads are produced as a result of your new and improved website, you will pay a fee. At that point, the risk is eliminated, since you already have the exclusive lead and can convert it into a customer.

Why Contractor Webmasters?

Content Analysis MeetingThere are many options available for website content writing. But very few, if any, offer our pay per lead marketing agreement. Imagine getting a custom website with fully optimized, industry-specific content, all free of charge? That is the case with our agreement. It requires zero upfront cost, and you don’t pay a fee until exclusive leads are produced, which is the very reason you are marketing in the first place.

Pay per lead is a win-win proposition for contractors. Foundation repair companies know that their business is driven by leads. Since our leads are exclusive to your company, their value goes up exponentially higher. Eliminate the risk of a failed investment, by paying for results. Your ROI will thank you in the end. Call 800-775-1250 for foundation repair content writing services.