Fence and Gate Content

Gate Content WriterSEO and content work together to produce leads. Search Engine Land details exactly how content and search optimization work together in their complete guide to optimizing content for SEO. Fence and gate contractors, in particular, should be mindful of the content on their website. It is those web pages that will determine how much business your company gets moving forward. Contractor Webmasters offers website writing services for fence and gate companies. We focus on:

  • Marketability: Our on staff content writers market each page to potential customers
  • Quality: Our pages follow Google’s Quality Guidelines
  • Relevance: Strategic keyword placement attracts relevant users with high conversion potential
  • User Experience: We aim to satisfy your readers who we hope will become your future customers

Producing 20-30 web pages, all with quality writing, can be a tall task. Luckily, Contractor Webmasters is up to it. Our production staff works exclusively with contractors so that every page is specific to your industry. What’s better, our services require no upfront payment. You only pay a fee once exclusive leads are generated for your company. Call 800-775-1250 for fence and gate content writing services.

Customizing Content for Fence and Gate Websites

Fence and Gate Content MeetingThe problem with many writing services, is that their output is automated. People reading a website about fence and gate services will be able to notice if the pages do not read well. Furthermore, they will be able to tell if the content is scraped from other sources. At Contractor Webmasters, we believe each page and subject should be written for the individual website. Some of our advantages include:

  • Industry Knowledge: We have great experience writing about various contractor businesses, including fence and gate
  • On Staff Writers: We don’t outsource our writing, it happens in house with proven writers
  • WordPress CMS: WordPress allows for simple content development and editing

If you are considering a writing service, be sure to ask if they possess the qualities above. If they have no knowledge of the fence and gate industry, or are outsourcing their writing to 3rd party writers, major problems can occur. Google prioritizes websites with great content, so ensuring that yours presents well is imperative to lead acquisition. Remember, our writing services are risk-free, since you only pay once exclusive leads are produced.

Pay Per Lead Content Writing

Team Reviews Web ContentSeveral lead generation techniques go into our writing services. For example, we embed phone number links within the body of your pages. Mobile users can utilize click to call functionality, and connect directly to your office line from the website. We also optimize each page for keywords with buyer intent, with the objective of attracting consumers ready to spend.

We understand that the process of customer acquisition sounds extensive, but that all you truly care about is results. That’s why we are a pay per lead marketing service. Don’t take our word about phone number links, keyword placement, etc., but rather see it work for yourself. You will never pay upfront for our services. Instead, you pay only when exclusive leads are produced for your business. Call 800-775-1250 for fence and gate content writing services.