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Carpet cleaning companies are all generally after the same thing; exclusive leads. By generating leads online, companies can keep their business running smoothly and maintain a considerable profit margin. Where many carpet cleaners run into trouble is web content. Unbeknownst to some, content quality is actually the number one priority for Google when deciding where to rank a website. At Contractor Webmasters, our content writing services include:

  • Industry Specific: We don’t write stock content, but rather industry-specific content
  • On Staff Writers: We don’t use automated, robot-like, writing, but instead employ full time writers
  • Search Optimized: All of our content is written with the first hand knowledge of SEO standards
  • User Friendly: While we implement SEO practices, we cater first and foremost to the reader

Contractor Webmasters follows Google’s Quality Guidelines. We never use manipulative content practices like hidden text or links, or keyword stuffing. Our content relies on the quality and expertise of our writing staff. We settle for nothing less than professional quality. In addition, we are a pay per lead marketing company. Our website writing services require no upfront payments. It is not until exclusive leads are generated, that you pay a lead. Call 800-775-1250 for carpet cleaning web content writing services.

User Friendly Carpet Cleaning Content

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Our Writing Appeals to Users and Search Engines

As a carpet cleaning company, the object of your website is to generate leads. The best way to do this is to appeal to your target customer. There are several steps one should take when developing a content marketing strategy. Contractor Webmasters establishes the following before starting the writing process:

  • Call to Action: A clear and convincing call to action, such as an embedded phone number link
  • Market Niche: Something that separates your carpet cleaning business from competitors
  • Service Area: Local phrases and terms that appeal to your service area
  • Target Audience: A defined target customer, one who requires carpet cleaning services

Keyword stuffing is the antithesis of user friendly content. While keywords can help us appeal to the right kinds of users, over-using them can create a terrible user experience. Nobody wants to read about services that sound spammy and manipulative. Trust is a major part of the conversion process, and it cannot be established with subpar writing standards. While there was a time where keyword stuffing could actually help you rank higher on search results, those days have been gone for a long time.

On Staff Writers for Carpet Cleaning Websites

Writers Creating Carpet Cleaning ContentMany stock website services will provide scraped content to fill up web pages. Scraped content refers to writing that has been pulled from 3rd party sources. This writing has often been used numerous times across various websites. Not only does this create duplicate content issues which minimize the value of your website, but it fails to adhere to Google’s quality guidelines that inform web developers about practices that are conducive to search engine success.

Contractor Webmasters distinguishes itself from competitors by employing a full staff of professional writers. This writers are well trained in all service area writing, including carpet cleaning. Our experience writing websites for companies just like yours gives us a decided advantage over other companies that use “stock templates” for both their website design, and subsequent content. Call 800-775-1250 for carpet cleaning web content writing services for lead generation.