Carpet Cleaning Web Content

Content writing is vital for online lead generation. Most carpet cleaning companies agree that online lead generation is the goal. But how you arrive there depends on your content marketing strategy. Websites that produce the most high-quality leads do so by creating and distributing excellent web content. Competitors with thin content and irrelevant blog posts generally fail to build traffic at the same level. At Contractor Webmasters, our content writing services consist of:

Industry Targeting: We craft content for the carpet cleaning industry

On-Staff Writers: We employ full-time, on-staff writers with degrees

SEO Focus: We produce content in conjunction with best SEO practices

User Experience: We write to satisfy the user’s searcher intent

Contractor Webmasters follows Google’s Quality Guidelines. Our writers only use white-hat content strategies to help your carpet cleaning website rank #1 on Google search results. We demand professional quality from our writing staff. Each of our writers possesses a college degree and has demonstrated consistent grammar expertise along with knowledge of each industry. Every staff member must pass a stringent 3-page test that tests their familiarity with your industry before writing pages and posts.

User-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Content

Carpet cleaners make websites to generate leads. The best way to accomplish that goal is to appeal to your target customer. Your content marketing strategy will serve as the primary instrument in reaching your audience. Specific elements can enhance web content and ensure that it facilitates a positive user experience. Components of user-friendly content include:

Accessibility: A simple way for users to find more information

Call to Action: An urgent CTA that encourages the user to take action

User Intent: Content that satisfies the user’s initial searcher intent

Regionality: Location-specific content that appeals to local visitors

Our writers avoid tactics that hinder user experience, such as keyword stuffing. Keyword placement helps content appeal to relevant users, but overuse presents itself as spam and discourages the user from investing trust in your website. Trust heavily influences conversion rates, and bad writing often suppresses conversions. Fifteen years ago, keyword stuffing helped pages rank higher in search, but those days are long gone in 2021.

On-Staff Writers for Carpet Cleaning Websites

Browse around carpet cleaning websites in your area, and you’ll find a fair share of scraped content. Content scraped from other sources is not only plagiarism, but it is also a terrible SEO practice. Google doesn’t rank duplicate content, so whoever published the original page will outrank the copier. Our on-staff writing team crafts original and custom content that Google prefers to rank over competitors. 

Each content page reaches its designated word count based on what Google currently indexes for the specific keyword. At Contractor Webmasters, we aren’t guessing around with your marketing campaign. Every action refers to data and proven success from previous campaigns. With over a decade in the SEO industry, we have over 250 clients. We can help your carpet cleaning business rank with content marketing today.