Restoration Company SEO Guide 2023 (w/Local Marketing Tips)

Restoration Company SEO (Blog Cover)

Restoration companies can benefit from modern SEO practices to earn more traffic and generate new leads. However, SEO has changed over the past few years, and Google has made ranking for organic keywords harder. Still, ranking on Google search is the most affordable marketing strategy.

Whether you need disaster restoration SEO, water restoration SEO, or fire restoration SEO, this guide will outline the steps required to maximize your online exposure in 2023 and generate high-quality restoration leads.

In the following restoration company SEO guide, Contractor Webmasters details everything restoration contractors need to rank higher on Google. As a company that has worked with dozens of restoration companies at achieving SEO results, we provide a unique perspective that’s proven.

What is Restoration Company SEO?

Restoration company SEO is the application of search engine optimization on restoration company websites and business profiles. SEO aims to increase rankings, clicks, and leads for restoration contractors online. SEO works by ranking a website or business profile for relevant keywords.

SEO Basics for Restoration Companies

SEO can be complex, but its principal tenants are relatively simple. Depending on your location and competition, you may have only have to master the SEO basics to rank high on Google search results. Check out the concepts below to start implementing SEO as soon as this week.

Website / On-Page SEO

A restoration company’s website is its most crucial SEO asset. Think of your website as prime real estate on the internet. You want to make it look attractive and helpful to visitors. Here are some basic principles to consider when developing or revamping your company website:

Water Restoration On-Page SEO

Speed and Security

The highest-ranking websites are fast and secure. You can measure loading speed using GTMetrix and Google Pagespeed Insights. As for security, your website should have an SSL certificate. If your website shows a notice saying non-secure in the browser, you don’t have SSL.

Internal Linking

Internal linking makes it easy for Google and other search engines to crawl your website and for visitors to navigate to other relevant pages. As a result, strategic and logical internal links can increase your rankings. Internal links can also distribute link equity between your web pages.

Relevant Content

Your web content should reflect your company’s industry, services, and expertise in written form. In addition, your site should clarify any common questions consumers have regarding your company or services. Finally, it helps to publish a page for each specific service and about us and contact us.

Calls To Action

Your website must make it simple for visitors to contact your business. For example, insert a contact form throughout your website pages. In addition, list a clickable phone number in your website’s header. Diversifying contact methods ensures you capture every possible lead.

Restoration Company Business Profile

Off-Site Optimization

Once you have your website in order, it’s time to start thinking bigger. Off-site optimization is also vital in SEO. It basically ensures that people can easily access your website through other avenues on the internet apart from Google or Bing searches. Off-site optimization should include the following:

Google My Business Profile

Google prioritizes its own services when displaying information to its users. Google My Business listings appear in the top 3 search engine results for most local queries. Start a Google Business Profile and fill it out as completely as possible. Also, be sure to update it regularly. 

Link Building

Link building involves establishing links to your site on other credible sites. You can start with something as simple as any local business directories available in your area. 

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) has also emerged as a viable option for linking your site to high-authority sites. The HARO platform allows business owners to share expertise with reporters who then link back to your website as a reference.

Social Media

Your company should be present on multiple social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Be sure to post often and reply to comments as often as possible to encourage engagement. 

Local SEO 

SEO marketing for restoration companies requires a great deal of local effort. This is because local SEO will specifically target consumers in your area. As the proprietor of a restoration company, you are probably very concerned with winning the business of the local citizenry. 

Restoration Local Map 3-Pack

Local SEO is the process of ranking in Google’s Local Map 3-Pack for terms like restoration company near me.

Here are some tips for implementing local SEO for restoration companies:

Local Keywords

Utilizing region-specific keywords in website copy helps search engines rank your site for people who search region-specific terms and phrases. For example, possible region-specific keywords are restoration company tacoma or house restoration services in tacoma.

Structured Data

Structured data presents essential information about your company that Google understands. Furthermore, it allows Google to offer your data to users more straightforwardly to consume.

Schema markup is easier to insert using one of WordPress’s various 3rd-party plugin options. If you use a different CMS like Duda or Squarespace, they have built-in schema markup options. You can also ask your web developer to insert the schema markup manually.

Structured data makes it easier for search engines to understand your company’s essential information (location, hours, services, etc.). Then, it displays this data to users right on the search engine results page. 

Local Content

Local businesses like yours must tailor content to local readers. Your blog posts should focus on your primary city or region so that you can earn links from other local websites. The goal is to build credibility in your area.

Aside from blog posts, content includes service pages, city pages, white papers, and email blasts. You might also create separate content for social media, including custom videos you can upload on YouTube.

Reputation Management

Reviews are a significant factor for SEO in 2023. Reviews from across the web increase your chances of ranking and improve conversion rates. Most consumers will vet your reputation even after finding your website. As a result, acquiring favorable reviews is essential.

Make sure to create review profiles on Google Business Profile, Yelp, Angi, and Home Advisor at the bare minimum. You also want to create a Facebook Business Page where users can leave positive recommendations.

One way to get more reviews is to use a tool called DataPins. The DataPins tool sends automated review requests to your customers so that they can efficiently leave their feedback on Google and other platforms. DataPins also allow restoration companies to prove their work in cities.

Next Level Restoration SEO in 2023

Achieving the basics can yield excellent results for many restoration contractors. The industry competition is lower than in other niches regarding search optimization. Many restoration websites lack basic SEO, which creates an opportunity to surpass these companies on Google.

Still, some locations are more competitive than others. In these cases, you must implement next-level SEO practices to compete online. While SEO is not something you can master overnight, consistent efforts will create long-term and sustainable results with a profitable ROI.

Brand Authority

Several 3rd-party platforms can measure brand authority using in-house metrics. For example, Moz Domain Authority indicates how valuable your domain is based on its backlink profile. Trust Flow from Majestic and Domain Rating from Ahrefs are similarly informative metrics.

You can increase brand authority with multi-channel marketing campaigns. For example, consider running ads on Google and Facebook while investing in SEO. Then, as more people notice your brand on various platforms, they will search for your company on Google and link to it from their websites.

Local Mapping

We briefly touched on ranking on Google’s Local Map 3-Pack using your Google Bsuiness Profile. While simply verifying your address ensures your listing is eligible, you can implement other strategies to quickly improve its rankings. The DataPins tool allows you to pin your jobs with captions.

Jobsite pins appear on your city and service pages, influencing your map rankings. These pins come with schema markup and mini-maps that provide social proof of your on-site performances. These pins serve as a digital hand raise for Google while establishing relevance and trust.

Website Personalization

Your website is a digital bsuienss card in additoin to an SEO assett. You can improve SEO indirectly by publishing unique photos and videos of your staff on your website. Users who see authentic images are likelier to stick around and engage, decreasing bounce rate and increasing dwell time.

Google denies that engagement metrics influence rankings, but measurement tools suggest otherwise. At the very least, increasing engagement will boost conversions and maximize traffic from your website. The same concepts apply to your Google Business Profile.

To learn more about restoration local SEO services, contact us today.

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