9 Qualities of The Best Remodeling Contractor Websites

Remodeling Contractor Websites

Remodeling contractor websites generally all follow the same basic principles when it comes to trying to develop trust and relationships with a customer base. And the best contractor websites will be able to hold on to those principles, build trust, yet maintain a uniqueness about them that helps them to stand out.

Here are a few friendly tips on ensuring that your website is among the top remodeling contractor websites. They will help you draw in better audience numbers than ever before and show you the true benefits of optimizing your website to the most current standards.

1) Mobile-Friendly

There was once a time when one could ignore mobile and not feel much of an impact. Those days are long gone, dead, and buried. If your business isn’t mobile-friendly, it will be in big trouble.

Now more than ever, more users are beginning their search experience on a mobile device. Missing out on that segment of the audience is not what good remodeling contractor websites do. They adapt to the times and make it easier for users to gain access to them via the search.

It cannot be stressed enough that being mobile-friendly is perhaps the most important feature towards becoming one of the better remodeling contractor websites around.

2) High Speed

While it may seem impatient, most users expect their web page to load in under 3 seconds. That might not seem very long, but anything more than that is practically an eternity regarding web pages.

This is why the best remodeling contractor websites aim to protect the data of anyone who visits. This is something your audience will likely not notice, but it plays a key factor in keeping them, as well as any other visitors, as safe and protected as possible while visiting your website.

3) Safe & Secure

Cybersecurity needs are at an all-time high. This is because more people are online than at any other point in history. This also means that there are more security risks being had simply due to the sheer numbers.

One trait of good remodeling contractor websites is that they use HTTPS certification to guarantee safe surfing when using their websites. It might not seem like a big deal, but having HTTPS certification can mean the difference between peace of mind and wondering if your data will be compromised. The best websites will protect against those data breaches.

4) Quality Design

A common feature of some top remodeling contractor websites is that they all have an intuitive, sleek design. An eye-catching design could be the hook that brings in a skeptical user.

The design of a website means implementing visual tools to grab the customer’s attention. Done incorrectly, this can look tacky and cheap. But if done properly, it can make your website stand among the top remodeling contractor websites in terms of look and appeal.

While appearance isn’t everything, it certainly plays a part in the process of creating the best website possible.

5) NAP Details

One of the foundations of any quality business website is known as the NAP details: name, address, and phone number. These vital pieces of information directly link your business and the potential customers out there.

The remodeling contractor websites that make the best use of this tend not to lose quality contractor leads quite as often. The last thing you want to do is make the customer go on a wild goose chase to find out basic information about your company, especially if they plan to spend money with you. Make it easier for them by providing NAP details wherever possible.

6) An “About Us” Page

Part of the process of selecting a business is vetting that business. Consumers are looking for a trustworthy option, and the best remodeling contractor websites make it easier than ever for the consumer to see why choosing them is a good idea.

Be sure to talk about the services you offer, all of your noteworthy experiences and certifications, pictures of your staff to make it feel real and comfortable, any awards you’ve won, and all the testimonials you can get.

The about us page needs to convey why you are one of the best remodeling contractor websites out there.

7) Phone Numbers Everywhere

This ties into the NAP details section a bit. Some businesses out there are making it more difficult than it should be to find basic contact information. This means the website isn’t doing its job. The most prominent remodeling contractor websites out there will make their contact info available everywhere.

And that’s precisely what you should be doing. Put your phone number in the header or footer of every single page, so the audience never has to ask where to find it. Join the best remodeling contractor websites by ensuring your phone number is visible on every page.

8) Accessible Photo Gallery

Sometimes there is no alternative to being able to show instead of telling. The best remodeling contractor websites feature extensive image galleries. The key here is that the images are of the highest quality; lesser quality images can not only look bad but also hurt your overall Google search ranking.

This is also how the best remodeling contractor websites showcase the work that they can do. Letting the visitor see the types of projects undertaken can really paint the picture for them, showing them exactly what your company is capable of. Those images can really make a difference.

9) Informative Blog

Believe it or not, the best remodeling contractor websites will feature a blog. This is because having a blog develops the authority of those remodeling contractor websites, bringing in organic traffic along with it. Queries with informational intent often seek blog-type content rather than “service pages.”

Try addressing the most commonly asked questions within the industry when writing your blog. This will help to develop that authority and make your website one of the best remodeling contractor websites out there that will bring in traffic even if the reader doesn’t plan on using your services immediately.

How To Make a Contractor Website

If you are wondering how to get started with your contractor website, investing in contractor website design services is best. If you prefer to create the website on your own, you must understand that it will be a time-consuming project if you truly want it to be an asset to your business. With that being said, it is possible to do. First, you must find a website theme and install it on your hosting server.

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