Pressure Washing SEO: The Conclusive Guide for 2023

Pressure Washing SEO

Pressure washing SEO can help you grow your business by showing your company website and Google My Business listing on search engine results. Although some companies get caught up in the pay-per-click advertising world, SEO is a more affordable way to get pressure washing leads.

The fact is that all companies can benefit from an effective SEO strategy. And for a pressure washing business that depends on the local market’s participation, you can’t afford to lose out on what SEO offers. 

What is Pressure Washing SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a pressure washing marketing strategy that helps your website and various online listings to rank higher on Google and Bing searches. For example, if you are on Google and want to find a service in your area, you might search a phrase like “pressure washing near me.”

You will likely get thousands of results, but you will only look at the results on the first and maybe the second page of search results. The providers that show up at the top of the first page are examples of businesses with good SEO.

You want to be near the top of the first page of search engine results as possible because that is the prime real estate. 

It’s all about making your business more visible, and it becomes significantly less visible if you are not ranked high. Search results that aren’t the top 3 results get clicked on just about 25% of the time, while the top 3 results hoard 75% of all SERP clicks. And the more clicks you get on your pressure washing business website, the more chance you can convert customers. 

But how do you get to the top of the rankings? The answer is pressure washing SEO. SEO is still the most effective and sustainable method of ranking higher in Google and Bing searches. 

And now that we have the basics covered, let’s get into the details of how you can take your pressure washing business to the next level using SEO tactics.

Pressure Washing Website SEO Strategy

Your website is one of your most valuable tools for pressure washing SEO. Your website should be a magnet for search engine web crawlers, and there are various ways of making that happen. 

  • Optimize Images: Search engines love photos because consumers love pictures. They help search engines categorize and understand the content on your website better. Plus, they help get your website indexed on image searches. But they have to be high definition, quality shots that say something relevant about your business—considering posting images of past pressure washing jobs, before and after pics, and pictures of your crew and staff. 
  • Enhancing Security: Getting an SSL certificate can also boost your website’s ranking. An SSL certificate signals to search engines and visitors that any information exchanged on your website will be secure. Learn more about obtaining an SSL certificate
  • Enhance Speed: The concept behind this one is pretty simple: people will leave your website if it takes too long to load. Search engines may also omit your website from search pages if they perceive it to be too slow. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, it’s too slow. But you can try to compress your images, get faster speeds from your web host, and eliminate non-essential plug-ins to speed things up. 

Off-Site SEO for Pressure Washing Companies

Optimizing the content of your website is very important. And once you have your pressure washing business’s website in order, it’s time to look to other corners of the internet. The purpose of off-site SEO is to lead people to your business website from outside sources.

Here are a few examples of the off-site SEO strategies that you need to implement:

  • Google Business Profile: Claiming your business on Google Business Profile can help you earn more customers because, according to a Bright Local study, 64% of online consumers use GBP to find businesses in their area. Make sure you claim your business on GBP. Also, fill out your profile as completely as possible, add high-quality images, and ensure all of your information (street address, hours of operation, contact info, business name areas served, etc.) is correct.
  • Review Websites: Review websites like Angi’, Yelp, and Houzz are next up. Search engines also care about how your business is perceived by consumers, so having plenty of reviews to refer to from multiple corners of the internet helps. 
  • External Linking: Having links to your website on other websites is also very important in search engine ranking criteria and can help consumers discover your business independently. You can start acquiring external links by asking for them. Ask your local chamber of commerce or local business associations. Comment on industry blogs and request to insert your link in your responses. Start your blog and insert links to your pages in the content. 

Local SEO and Reputation Management for Pressure Washers

Most pressure washing companies wish to rank locally within a defined service area. That area may span wide or narrow depending on your target consumer. Ranking in multiple cities can be difficult, and establishing a reputation through a widespread geo-map is even more challenging.

Luckily, a software called DataPins does all of it automatically. 

With DataPins software, your mobile app performs geo-specific check-ins of each job, which get published directly to your most relevant webpage. It also sends automated review requests to satisfied customers.

Now you’re dominating your local service area without much effort. Each Contractor Webmasters client gets DataPins as part of their SEO package.

Content Marketing for Pressure Washing

Helpful, engaging, or informative content will go a long way in getting your website noticed by search engines. You can leverage your knowledge of pressure washing, its benefits, and techniques in a blog to entice or inform potential customers.

Creating video content for Facebook Stories is another way to engage your local market and make them aware of your business. 

Another suitable content marketing method is posting helpful “how-to” videos on YouTube under your official business account. 

YouTube’s content is just the tip of the iceberg regarding pressure washing SEO. SEO for pressure washing companies is a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing. At Contractor Webmasters, we can help you traverse the SEO terrain and avoid common pitfalls.

Please find out how we can get your pressure washing business noticed by more customers today.

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