PPC for Industrial Companies: The Essential Paid Ads Guide

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PPC works for industrial companies time and time again. Pay Per Click puts your ads where your customers are. Think of them as the new billboards. While old billboards were used to display ads to commuters caught in traffic, PPC displays ads to web surfers traversing digital traffic. 

There are some significant advantages to PPC ads as opposed to physical ads. However, if you are not implementing PPC ads in your marketing strategy, you are likely missing out on tons of leads and loads of customer conversions. 

PPC for industrial companies can be beneficial because you will filter out all the people unlikely to need your services and target a specific audience.

Contractor Webmasters outlines the essential PPC for industrial companies strategy and fills you in on PPC advertising benefits in the following guide. 

Advantages of PPC for Industrial Companies

PPC is the preferred method of advertising for many different fields and industries. It is by far the most flexible and effective advertising method, whether you’re talking about digital or physical formats. Here are just a few of the critical advantages of PPC for industrial companies specifically:

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With PPC, you pay an ad publisher every time someone clicks on your ad. It sounds like it can get expensive, we know. However, you can set a hard cap on how much you pay each month. That way, you never go over budget and can gauge how effective the ads are (or aren’t) without having to pay for wasted air time. 


PPC displays your ads when someone performs a relevant search on a search engine or social media. So if someone searches “industrial contractor in Pensacola” and you happen to operate in Pensacola, your ad will be displayed to that searcher. As a result, PPC connects you with your target audience better than other advertising.


Did you know that 96% of consumers don’t trust traditional advertising? The newer generations are getting wise to conventional advertising methods and disregard them. That’s why PPC ads are so effective. PPC ads show people content they have already shown interest in – not content that some advertiser wants them to be interested in. 

The stats don’t lie – 65% of consumers report clicking on a relevant PPC ad instead of other search results. 


While your complete marketing strategy should entail tactics outside of advertising, PPC ads are an excellent option for a new company seeking to increase brand awareness. Because PPC ads can target local consumers, they represent a great way to make your name is known in a market that another company may dominate. 

It gives the little guys a chance to let the market know that they are there and alternatives. 

The PPC Checklist for Industrial Companies

Getting started with PPC can be a little overwhelming, but the following is a checklist for you to ensure your campaign is as effective as possible:

Set your Budget 

Establishing how much you can reasonably pay for ad clicks is crucial before you start. Naturally, some companies will have a higher budget than others. But, no matter your budget, set a hard cap – especially in the first month. 

With most PPC services, you can adjust your budget at any time so start with a very reasonable budget until you see how well your PPC ads perform. 

Choose your Keywords

Doing keyword research to determine how consumers search for your services is imperative. Here are some reliable keyword research tools to get you started. However, the most popular keywords will be more expensive per click. 

And since most PPC services operate on an auction basis, your bid may not win if you bid too low. That means your ad will not be displayed when someone uses that specific keyword. 

Fear not, though – there are plenty of keywords to use, so building a long list of keywords and backup keywords is essential. Also, long-tail keywords are typically cheaper, and target audiences are much more likely to need your services. 

Choose your Platform

There are many different PPC services, but you will want to choose the one with the broadest advertising network. It’s sort of like buying air time on a local TV station instead of a nationally syndicated network. 

For this, we would recommend Google and Facebook. The Google Ad network spans over 2 million websites and nearly 2 billion active Facebook users online daily. That means consumers trolling obscure corners of the internet are still likely to see your ad. 

Optimize your Landing Pages

People are led to a landing page whenever they click on a PPC ad. A landing page goes (or at least should go) into more detail about the advertised product or service and encourages the consumer to click through to your main website. In this sense, the PPC ad is the foot in the door, and the landing page is the friendly voice inside saying, “come on in!” 

So your landing page copy has to be enticing. Keep it brief, no longer than 500 words, explaining how your service or product can solve the consumer’s problem clearly and concisely. Include no more than two images but ensure they are high-quality and relevant to the copy. 

Include a compelling call to action that encourages visitors to visit your website or contact you directly. 

Test your Ads

 PPC ads and landing pages demand your constant attention. That’s because sometimes they don’t drive the results you are after. The problem may be with the ad copy, the landing page copy, imagery, colors, etc. It can be many things that you have to A/B test your ads and landing pages. 

Find out what customers are responding to, and what they’re not responding to, and make adjustments accordingly. Even when you think you have it dialed in pretty well and are seeing results, there’s always room for improvement, so continue testing. 

Invest in Industrial PPC Campaigns

Things can get tricky quickly when you get into the deeper details of keyword research, keyword bidding, ad design, and copywriting. That’s why it is sometimes best to work with PPC experts. 

Here at Contractor Webmasters, we have vast experience in PPC for industrial companies. We can help you choose keywords, write ad copy, design ads, perform testing, and more. 

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