Pest Control Lead Generation Guide

Companies can buy pest control leads from a service, but some contractors prefer to handle lead generation independently. Too many lead-gen companies withhold their strategies for acquiring leads. Why? Because they want to keep taking your money. Contractor Webmasters’ pest control guide ensures you won’t need to rely on 3rd parties any longer.

Running a successful pest control business means having a steady stream of leads. And as a pest control technician, you have a lot of opportunities for garnering leads. You have to know where to look and the best strategies. 

In the following post, we will share some new pest control leads tips for the new year with you. 

Pest Control Lead Generation

Get Listed Locally

Google’s algorithm considers links when analyzing a website’s authority. For local pest control companies, local citation sources serve as quality links. While the listings represent nofollow links they still help build your reputation in Google’s eyes. Look for NAP citation opportunities on relevant websites.

NAP stands for Name, Address Phone Number – ya, we know it should be NAPN, but it’s not. A NAP citation is any occurrence of your pest control business’s NAP appearing on the internet in places other than your web site. And NAP citations are a ranking factor. The more such sources you have, the better your website will rank on relevant searches. And the better your website ranks, the bigger your pool of potential leads will be. 

Your first source for NAP citations should be review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz, and the Better Business Bureau. But to take it a step further, you can use the link finding tool offered by Ahrefs. The Ahrefs Link Intersect tool allows you to see where your competitors are getting their NAP citations. You plug in your competitor’s site’s name, and you will see a list of websites with a NAP citation for them. 

That list consists of NAP citation opportunities for your website. Getting your citation is usually just a matter of registering with the site or maybe contacting the webmaster. 

Of course, the sawgrass roots methods work too. Reach out to your equipment and pesticide suppliers. Reach out to local business organizations and industry networks. Request to list your business’s NAP on their websites. 

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

One of the easiest ways to rank is through Google’s local map pack. To rank on the map pack, you need a Google My Business page and profile. Ranking factors include reviews, business name, listing optimization, and updated pictures and posts. Updating your GMB listing can help you rank in the top 3.

The sad fact is that in 2021, the country still finds itself in the grips of the COVID pandemic. But the pandemic does present a unique lead generation opportunity. People are more concerned than ever about letting home service professionals into their home. So you can generate a lot of pest control leads in 2021 by updating your GMB page to reflect the COVID safety measures that your company takes. 

Provide a list of COVID safety protocols you and your crew follow. And if possible, include pictures of said protocols in action. It may seem too intuitive a step, but you would be surprised how many business owners forget to update their GMB pages. Updating your GMB page with COVID info could sneak important leads away from your competitors who are asleep on the job. 

Target a Variety of Keywords

If you are concerned about your pest control company’s SEO, then chances are you have already done some keyword research. And we applaud you because that is a crucial step. But you can stand to take your keyword game to another level. Consider getting very specific with your keywords to rank higher on more specific searches. There are tons of opportunities for longtail keyword optimization for pest control companies. 

Instead of targeting highly competitive keywords like “pest control near me” or “exterminators in my area,” get more specific to get leads from more unique searches. Including particular services and service areas are a great place to start with longtail keywords. Think along the lines of “rodent removal near me” or “cockroach fumigation in my area.” Get area-specific too. For example, if you operate in the Phoenix area, you could use a keyword like “house tenting in Phoenix.”

Notice how that last example included both a specific service and a particular geographical location. These are the points that you want to hit with your longtail keywords. And the beautiful thing is you can create keyword profiles for all the services you offer and each of your service locations.

Sign-Up With BrandREVU

Pest control companies can automate many lead generation tasks through software. Consider a tool like BrandREVU, which allows companies to perform job site check-ins via a mobile app. Those check-ins get published to your website and Google My Business listing along with a keyword-rich caption. It ranks your website and GMB just from you going about your regular work schedule.

Aside from ranking your keywords without any technical labor, BrandREVU also automates reputation management. Each client gets a review request via email and text, along with a shortlink to your Google My Business listing. Automated review requests can increase feedback by 128%. Since reviews are a local ranking factor, it’s another win for your company.

Partner With Contractor Webmasters for Lead Generation

Here at Contractor Webmasters, we are committed to seeing our clients thrive. We offer several hands-on lead generation services, including website design, content marketing, advertising, and SEO, to help you generate more leads. We also partner with BrandREVU software to make it easier for you to manage your reviews and create more leads on your own.