Junk Removal SEO Guide: Dominate Local Rankings in 2021

Junk Removal SEO

The goal of junk removal SEO is to rank your business on Google search results. That can come in the form of a website, business listing, or other web entity. Contractor Webmasters is going to guide you through the SEO process and help you generate exclusive contractor leads for your company.

Back in the ’80s if you were clever enough to start a junk removal business, you would have found yourself in a pretty empty marketplace. Junk removal is a relatively new industry. While people have been hauling away junk for other people probably since the dawn of man, it has only been a profitable business for about 40 years. 

Back in the 80’s you wouldn’t have had to spend too much on advertising and marketing because you most likely would have been the only game in town. That is not the case today. Junk removal companies are springing up left and right. A lot of people start their own junk removal businesses because of the relatively low upfront cost to start one. In essence, all you would need to start with is a truck and maybe a few helpers. Because of the perceived ease of startup and the fact that the junk removal and waste management industries generate $10 billion in payroll revenue each year, the junk removal space is now more crowded and competitive than it’s ever been.

So how do you make your business stand out and thrive in this bustling market? In short: local SEO. Local SEO is the key to dominating your local market and giving your business the best chance to thrive. In the following post, we will be going over some essential tips for effective junk removal SEO as well as answering some of the most important questions about junk removal SEO. Starting with…

Why is Local Junk Removal SEO Important?

First and foremost, you need to understand why local SEO is so important to the success of your business. The fact is that you have to make room in your budget for SEO and marketing to be able to thrive in the digital age because…

Almost Everyone Uses the Internet to Find Local Businesses

According to Bright Local, 86% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. That includes local junk removal businesses. If your business is not showing up on “near me” searches, you have a serious SEO problem that needs to be addressed. 

SEO Drives Sales

Strong SEO gives you more chances to convert customers. According to Chitika, the top-ranking Google search result receives 33% of the SERP click traffic. That number drops to 18% if you are the second organic search result. That’s a difference of almost half the click traffic. Dominating local searches can boost your sales by a significant margin.

Strong Ranking Builds Trust

When someone sees your business ranked first on SERP, it instills in them a sense of trust. People tend to perceive high-ranking businesses as professional, reliable, and one that is popular. This helps people feel more at ease paying for the services of the business in question.

How to Dominate Local Rankings

Now that you know why local junk removal SEO is so important, it’s time to start taking some action towards upping your SERP rankings. Here is your guide for dominating your local rankings:

Strong Link Building

This tip sort of goes hand in hand with the last item on our list of reasons why local SEO is so important. Having plentiful off-site links to your website will show Google that your business is trustworthy. It has a lot to do with the criteria by which Google ranks pages. The fact is that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors on Google. Google and other search engines use the number of backlinks (links on websites other than your own that lead to your website) your website has in their ranking process. But backlinking is something that a lot of businesses struggle with. Try asking any associations or organizations (chamber of commerce, local unions, professional networks, etc.) that you are already a member of to add a link on their site to yours. Posting quality blog content is another way to get backlinks to your site.

High-Quality Pictures

It’s important for people to be able to put a face to any business they are considering patronizing. Start snapping some high-quality pictures of your trucks, your crews, and your job sites and post them to relevant platforms. Adding high-quality photos to your Google My Business listing for example can help you rank in the local 3 pack. And posting pictures with localized captions and tags to your social media pages is a good way to get indexed in local searches. 

Ask for Reviews

It is very important to get used to asking for reviews – especially if you run a new junk removal business. Reviews account for 15.44% of local ranking factors for Google. That doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? But it really is. In fact, it’s the third most important local ranking factor for the Google algorithm. Having reviews on your Google My Business page, Bing for Business page, your Yelp account, your Angie’s list account, and other review websites will definitely boost your local SEO rankings.

Accurate Information

One of the most common and avoidable blunders business owners make is having inaccurate information on their digital business listings. For example, you may have your company name spelled slightly differently on your GMB page than on your Angie’s List account. This can hurt your local rankings because the GoogleBot can’t reconcile the difference and will leave you off SERP’s altogether. This is something you can do right now to improve your junk removal SEO. Go to all of your digital business listings and make sure that they all have the correct business address, website address, business name, phone number, and hours of operation.

We can help you rank higher here at Contractor Webmasters, it is our business to help service contractors like you rank higher on local searches. We utilize innovative software, organic SEO tactics, proven digital marketing strategies, and modern technology to make sure your business stands out. Contact us today.

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