Generate Contractor Leads With SEO

Exclusive Contractor Leads with SEO

SEO Can Help Produce Contractor Leads, But Only if Properly Implemented

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the consensus choice for marketing contractor services on the internet. But what companies often lose sight of is what the ultimate goal of SEO actually is. Contractor leads are what drive sales for businesses. Therefore, the goal of SEO is to generate as many leads as possible. The problem with this equation, is that it is impossible to know how effective an SEO marketing campaign will be in that regard. We can, of course, project likely outcomes, but with so much conflicting information on the web, the risk of a massive ROI loss is ever present. Below, we will illustrate steps for how to generate leads with SEO:

Choose a Pay Per Lead Marketing Service

The only way to reduce the inherent risk of SEO failure is to invest in results rather than process. Think of this way; the optimization process is not what you should be paying for, it’s the results. With a pay per lead marketing service, contractors receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Leads: Many PPL services offer exclusive leads, meaning you won’t compete with other contractors
  • Risk Prevention: The risk of a massive ROI loss is eliminated because you pay for results only
  • Resource Efficiency: Your budget more appropriately aligns with your overall business goals
  • Tangible Results: Eliminate wasted money on projected results, and pay directly for tangible results

It is actually concerning that so few contractors take advantage of PPL services. And the ones that do, often fail to choose the right service. For example, stock PPL websites won’t do you much good because while you won’t be paying for web design, you also won’t be generating many leads. The key is finding a pay per lead service that offers custom web design so that exclusive leads can be generated.

Develop a Conversion Funnel

The search optimization process is multi-faceted. The same goes for lead generation. To acquire exclusive contractor leads for your local business, you must create a conversion funnel. A conversion funnel is a step by step sequence in which the website visitor is converted into a lead. Each step on the sequence can be measured using analytics software such as Google Analytics. A good conversion funnel does the following:

  1. Step 1Attract the Right User: With proper keyword placement and strong content, you will attract relevant users to your website
  2. Step 2Engage the User Immediately: Something on your website must jump to the forefront, this can be a seasonal special, a unique offer, or a visual component like an embedded video
  3. Step 3Call the user to Action: Once the user is engaged, your next step is to provide them with a call to action, i.e. something to do, like call a phone number, sign up for an email list, or receive SMS text alerts
  4. Step 4Convert the user to a Lead: Once the lead is generated through proper funneling techniques, the contractor must close the deal on the other end… this of course works much better when the lead is exclusive and you are not competing against others for the same customer

As previously mentioned, every part of the conversion funnel can be measured. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can better determine if and where your lead generation process is breaking down. This is valuable because it provides the information needed to correct the process and further optimize your funnel. With lead generation being the ultimate goal, this takes contractors one step further.

Research Your Target Customer

Another pitfall to failed search optimization campaigns is a lack of understanding about the customer for which you are marketing to. For example, many contractors while throw a bunch of keywords in their content to see what sticks. This is a horrible mismanagement of resources. Before you even begin to develop content for SEO, you should:

  • Emphasize Intent: Prioritize buyer intent to avoid irrelevant traffic
  • Develop Profiles: Study the psychology of your customer base as if it were one individual
  • Research Keywords: Use keyword research tools like SEMRush, Keyword Planner, and Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Study Trends: Use Google Trends and Analytics to look for market inefficiencies

It is important to understand that contractor leads are actual people. While our computer software might spit them out as numbers, or demographics, it is important not to lose sight of their actual presence. It is this attention to detail, that separates elite lead generation, from good lead generation. SEO used to be exclusively about links, keywords, and URL structure. Today, it is more so about understanding your audience.

Contractor Webmasters for Exclusive PPL Contractor Leads

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