Electrician SEO Guide: Rank #1 With Local Marketing in 2023

Electrician SEO

Electrician SEO is a digital marketing strategy to improve visibility on search engines like Google. Electrical contractors can generate leads through search engine clicks on organic results and the local 3-pack.

SEO for electricians expands beyond rankings and covers concepts like reputation management, brand authority, and conversion rates. Still, at its core, search engine optimization is about ranking #1 for various keywords.

Why Electricians Need SEO Marketing

Electrical contractor SEO marketing brings new business to your company at an affordable rate. Unlike other promotional methods like pay-per-click and Facebook Ads, SEO allows contractors to acquire free clicks from search engine users. 

Furthermore, SEO clicks are more valuable than their advertising counterparts. First, an estimated 70+% of search engine users click on an organic result (including local). Secondly, SEO clicks convert more frequently than ad clicks because the user has a more explicit intent.

Finally, SEO is essential for branding and reputation. Today, electricians must project a favorable reputation through online reviews to garner consistent inquiries. Rest assured that users will research your company online, even after knowing your existence.

Electrical Contractor Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO for electrical contractors is crucial to your strategy in 2023. You probably aren’t conducting business across state lines as an electrical contractor. You may not even be crossing county lines. 

As such, your electrician SEO efforts should have a local focus. You must stand out in your local market because the people who live in or near your city will be calling to request your – or your competition’s – service. 

Keep in mind 46% of all Google searches have local intent. That’s nearly half of the 5.6 billion Google searches daily. That’s a customer pool that you can’t afford to ignore.

You can take a handful of steps right now as an electrical contractor to ensure that your company website will appear on local searches. Here are the most effective:

Google My Business

Your Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) is your golden ticket to appearing in the Google Local 3 Pack. However, you will only rank if you verify your listing and optimize it using SEO tactics.

Be sure to update the information regularly and ensure that your location listings are consistent with your physical address. Additionally, take time to write a solid business description and upload unique staff photos.

Finally, ensure you link your main website to your Google My Business listing. Google considers your site’s authority when ranking your listing on Google Maps and the Local Map 3-Pack.

Local Landing Pages (City Pages)

Most electricians want to rank in more than one city because they serve multiple zip codes. So there’s no reason why you can’t get business in nearby towns by utilizing local landing pages, AKA city pages.

City pages are controversial because many electricians abuse the strategy but publish duplicate content, swapping only the city name. Although this strategy works sometimes, it’s generally a bad idea.

Instead, you want to create unique city pages for each location. The best way to achieve unique content is through DataPins. The DataPins tool auto-posts jobsite social proof of your electrical jobs in specific cities.

For example, if you conduct a breaker panel replacement in Fort Worth, TX, you can tag the pin to your Fort Worth page to add proof of work. In addition, you can write a caption and snap a photo to boost your pin.

NAP Consistency

One of the simplest mistakes DIY SEO marketers and business owners make is inconsistent information across multiple platforms. For example, your company name is “Francis & Sons Electrical, LLC.” Now let’s say you have business listings on Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List. 

Your name and company info (telephone number, website address, hours of operation, etc.) must be consistent on all platforms. For example, local rankings may worsen if your company is listed as “Francis & Sons Electrical, LLC” on Google but is spelled “Francis and Sons Electrical, LLC” on your website. 

Leaving off the “LLC” (as many companies do) will confuse search engines and make your site less likely to appear on local searches.

Reviews & Reputation Management

Google and other search engines use specific criteria by which their algorithms judge relevancy. One of these criteria, or ranking factors, is customer reviews. 

For Google, reviews make up 15.44% of the ranking factors for local pack ranking and finder rankings. As a result, reviews are the 3rd most significant local ranking factor, behind only relevance and link signals. Translation: getting customer reviews will help you rank locally. 

Adding reviews to your Google My Business and other platforms will also help your listing take up more space on local SERPs. Remember, users will search for your company even after finding your website.

Link Building

Links from other websites boost your domain authority and improve your overall rankings. The key to link building is staying within Google’s guidelines. If you fail to comply with Google’s standards, they may institute a manual action that removes your website from search.

The safest way to build links is to earn them naturally by crafting great content and sharing it on all platforms. But, of course, you can also build nofollow links by listing your website on directories and review sites.

Nofollow links differ from regular follow links because Google treats them as a hint rather than a full endorsement. In addition, these links don’t cause penalties because platforms like Google My Business Profile and Yelp have a spot to insert your website URL.

Another option for link building is joining local associations for electrical contractors. These platforms often have a member directory with a place to link to your primary website. But, again, local and industry-related links have a more significant impact than generic placements.

Social Media

Creating posts with a local focus on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms is also a proven practice to boost your local electrician SEO. 

If you attend local events, let your followers know that you will be in attendance. Also, include all appropriate hashtags, take high-quality photos, and post them with relevant tags. 

Try to create content that includes your local market’s city and state name so that search engines can easily find it. For example, a Facebook post like “Great places to buy a generator in Tacoma, WA” would be an excellent example of a local social media post.

SEO Services for Electricians

Working with professionals is the most practical step toward boosting your Local SEO. Contractor Webmasters offers SEO services for electricians across the United States. Our services include custom websites, DataPins, unique content, and on-page SEO. 

As one of the most affordable SEO agencies for electrical contractors, we pride ourselves on providing full-scale services. To rank in 2023, you must attend to your website, Google My Business listing, and other web properties. Contact us to learn more about our proven digital blueprint.

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