Designing for Mobile Over Desktop

Google Displayed on Mobile Tablet and DesktopMore than half of search queries now come from mobile devices. That is why Google has gone as far as to say the majority of website visitors are likely to be using mobile devices. For their part, they have released a mobile-friendly test, that allows website managers to ensure a clean mobile presentation. So far, steps have been taken by websites to more optimally present to mobile users. They are:

  • Click-To-Call Functionality: This embedding of phone number links within web content allows mobile users to call straight from the website
  • Geo-Location: Presenting location information that is compatible with popular geo apps, like Google Maps
  • Responsive Design: This design technique allows for websites to adjust to specific devices

These are good first steps for web designers to take. Still, they are not fully accounting for the migration of users from desktop to mobile. Responsive design is a concept that allows designers to adjust the presentation of their site depending on the device. Though it provides flexibility, many websites are still designed as “desktop versions” that are then adjusted to mobile, rather than vice-versa.

Transitioning from Desktop Design

Desktop and Laptop computers are far from obsolete, so it won’t be practical to completely ignore the presentation of your website on a traditional monitor. With that said, it is time to start placing more resources on mobile design. Since this device category will now account for the majority of your leads, it is time to take advantage of that growing market.

Contractor Webmasters offers website design services for contractors across the U.S. Our company uses a pay per lead model, where clients never pay money until leads are actually generated. That means, we design your website for mobile and desktop display, free of charge, and market it to help you acquire new leads. Once the leads are generated, then, and only then, will you pay us a fee. Call 800-775-1250 to discuss how mobile-first web design can change the direction of your contracting business.

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