The (Essential) Contractor Video Marketing Guide for 2023

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Contractor video marketing is an essential part of your online presence. Contractors can benefit from video marketing with YouTube and their company websites. In 2023, consumers are more likely to invest in services that establish trust with visual content. As a result, every local contractor must consider adding videos to their yearly marketing strategy.

What is Contractor Video Marketing?

Contractor video marketing uses video to promote your services and increase brand engagement. Common platforms to publish videos include YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Furthermore, contractors often embed YouTube videos directly onto their company website.

Video Marketing Benefits for Contractors

Before investing resources into any marketing endeavor, contractors should project the return on investment and the overall benefits of their promotional campaign. Below, Contractor Webmasters cites several statistics that highlight the impact of video marketing for contractors.

Infographic Showing Video Marketing Statistic

Conversion Rate

One study found that placing videos on a landing page increased conversions by over 80%. So you can optimize your landing page conversions with video embeds, whether you are running Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or organic SEO campaigns. WordPress makes it simple to embed a YouTube video onto the page within their on-page editor.

Consumer Preference

It’s clear by the number of people consuming video content each day that visual media is increasingly popular. However, video is for more than just entertainment purposes. For example, 54% of surveyed consumers prefer to see more video content from a brand or business they currently support. Therefore, publishing more videos impresses existing clients and consumers.

Message Delivery

One study found that viewers retain 95% of a message from the video content, compared to just 10% from text content. As a result, consumers will retain messaging 85% more with video content than with text equivalent. Driving home your brand message is crucial to generating leads and keeping clients for contractors. Video content best relays your message in 2023.

Types of Marketing Videos for Contractors

Like all forms of content, there are good and bad ways to produce assets. For example, creating a slideshow video with stock images will pale compared to a branded video with live footage of your staff at work. To simplify the video marketing process for construction companies, we break down the different types of marketing videos for contractors.

Screenshot of On-site Brand Video for Contractor

Contractors should diversify content with brand videos, event videos, how-to videos, and video testimonials.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are self-explanatory since they showcase your brand. These videos are like commercials for your business and should showcase your logo, owner, and central messaging. Brand videos are a powerful marketing asset to publish on your website Google Business Profile and other social media channels.

Event Videos

Event videos showcase your company at an event, like a trade show. You can have a videographer follow you around big-time marketing or networking events and edit the footage for marketing purposes. These videos help customers get a better feel for your company on a more personal level.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are like visual blogs that help viewers solve a problem. You can target common keywords by producing how-to videos for your contractor business. The cool part is that these videos can rank for keywords on YouTube and Google. Publishing how-to videos are a great way to drive organic traffic to your contractor website.

Testimonial Videos

Satisfied clients praising your company on camera can work wonders for your reputation. Testimonial videos are great to publish on your website’s review section and your Google Business Profile. Like text reviews, video feedback helps prospective clients form an opinion about your services. Visual testimonials have an even more significant impact than traditional reviews.

Video Marketing Platforms for Construction

Once you produce videos, you must know where to publish the files. There are several great spots to push your videos, many of which work as cross-promotional tools. For instance, using the WordPress block editor, you can post a YouTube video and embed it onto your company website.

Video Results for Roof Repair


YouTube is the best place for your videos because you can expand it to different parts of your marketing strategy. For example, you can upload your video to YouTube and rank for standard YouTube searches. In addition, you can embed your YouTube video directly onto your WordPress website using the WordPress block editor. 

Remember, YouTube videos can also rank on Google search results, so make sure you target keywords within your video title. Your chances of ranking increase when you embed your video onto a topically relevant page or post optimized for the same keyword. 


We mentioned how you could embed YouTube videos onto your WordPress website. Most company websites use WordPress as their content management system. You can still embed YouTube videos using another CMS like Duda or Wix. We noted how embedded website videos help you rank for relevant keyword terms on Google organic searches.


Facebook is the #1 social media platform based on total users. As a result, you should upload your marketing videos on your Facebook Business Page. You can use these videos in your Facebook and Instagram Ads to drive more consumers to your business and generate consistent leads.

You also have the option to embed a YouTube video on Facebook.


Instagram is another great place to publish your contractor videos. You can cut your videos into smaller sections and upload them as part of your company’s Instagram story. An IG story is a series of videos or images that users can follow for 24 hours. IG stories help keep your followers engaged while giving them inside looks into your operation.

What Contractors Need to Produce a Video

Recording a video in 2023 is easier than ever before, as most smartphones capture high-quality video with the ability to export files to another device. But, of course, you can spend a lot more depending on your budget and how professional you want your marketing videos to look.

Video Camera

Most modern cameras record at either 4K or 1080p video quality. You can research the different models for months, but sifting through Amazon reviews is more trouble than it’s worth. If you already have a newer smartphone, your best bet may be to go with what you have now.

Consider Canon and Sony options if you decide to spring for a separate video camera. Both models start at around $1,000, which should fit most companies’ marketing budgets. One technical consideration will be megapixels which should be over 12 for a professional-looking video.

Video Microphone

Audio quality is often a more critical factor from a viewer’s perspective than video. Users will exit immediately if they can’t decipher the audio or present disturbing sounds that ruin the entire viewing experience. That’s why investing in a quality microphone will really help your process.

Most built-in mics fail to pick up spoken words unless positioned directly in front of the speaker. Conversely, hand-held mics or clip-on mics often capture the audio more clearly. A solid microphone usually costs around $150 but can climb into the thousands if you obsess over quality.

Video Editing Software

Editing software is critical for video marketing. You won’t engage internet users with raw footage that you upload from the device to YouTube. Instead, you must edit your video and insert brand overlays, creative cuts, and more. Furthermore, each social platform, like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, requires different video lengths.

Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro are the most popular editing tools. Both software cost multiple hundred dollars to purchase, but you will notice a significant improvement in your engagement. However, be aware that both tools have a learning curve and will take time to master for editors.

Final Thoughts on Video Marketing for Contractors

Videos are a valuable marketing currency for contractors in 2023. Engagement is an important factor both for SEO and user experience. Part of establishing your company’s brand in the modern marketing landscape requires investing in video content on your YouTube channel and company website. As a result, companies serious about expanding their reach should invest in high-quality marketing videos.