Social Media for Lead Generation

Social Chalkboard

Activity on Social Networks Helps Produce Leads

Often times social media is synonymous with branding. But what if social media could help produce exclusive contractor leads? With Contractor Webmasters pay per lead marketing model, it can. When used properly, social activity can be a strong contributor in the lead generation process. Some of the ways in which this is apparent are:

  • Audience Engagement: Through social market research, lead generating posts can be geared to a certain audience
  • Contests/Promotions: One way to generate leads directly from social networks is by running contents or promotions on their feeds
  • Scheduled Posts: Target times and audiences with research based social posts
  • Social Advertising: Like PPC, social platforms offer their own advertising space

In addition to direct uses of social media for leads, there is also indirect uses. For example, MOZ lists social signals in their 2017 Local Ranking Factors. This indicates that social media activity also contributes to SEO for lead generation. If you are interested in learning more about social media and how it can help produce exclusive contractor leads, give us a call at 800-775-1250.

Social Media Advertising for Contractor Leads

Facebook and Twitter Leads

Like Pay Per Click, Social Networks Offer Ad Space

Through regular social posts can use geo-targeting, social media ads have an astonishing level of options in regards to targeting, both geographically and demographically. This creates a great lead generation opportunity for contractors. In addition, many social platforms have developed ad types, specifically geared to produce leads. Examples of this are:

  • Facebook Ads: Connect FB lead ads to a phone number, email address, etc.
  • Instagram Ads: As a child company of Facebook, IG ads work similarly to their parent company
  • LinkedIn Forms: A mobile lead form that helps attract prospective customers
  • Twitter Ads: While they don’t offer the same lead-specificity to their ads, there are plenty of targeting options

Pay per click is not the only way to acquire customers through paid advertising. Just like Google is a highly populated space on the internet, so to is Facebook, Twitter, and others. The amount of users of Facebook alone should give advertisers a lot of confidence that a well designed ad campaign will make a legitimate impact. Contractor Webmasters utilizes the best social media has to offer to generate exclusive contractor leads for your company.

Engaging an Audience on Social Media

Social Media for Lead GenerationOutside of social advertising, organic social media posts should still be part of the lead production process. After all, the two can work together if done properly. For starters, regular activity and consistent activity are both indicators of social signals coveted by search engines like Google. The more likes, shares, followers, and mentions you can get on your social profiles, the more Google will consider them when ranking your business on local search.

Many contractors run into a problem with social media automation. Using social suites that post your blogs on every social platform makes your content look redundant and uninspired. It is important to mix in occasional current posts, and informal posts. You want customers to see your social activity as unqiue and credible. Nobody wants to feel like a company doesn’t care enough to check their own accounts. To further discuss social media for lead generation, call Contractor Webmasters at 800-775-1250.