SEO for Lead Generation

Google SEO Test For Leads

Keyword Research Helps Create Leads

If you’ve found this page through Google search engine, you are probably aware of the term SEO. What you might be wondering about SEO (search engine optimization) is how it can help produce contractor leads for your local business. Contractor Webmasters offers pay per lead SEO services which generate exclusive leads for your company. There is, in fact, a direct correlation between search optimization and quality contractor leads. The proper use of SEO for lead generation consists of:

  • Competitor Research: Studying competitor keywords and ranking strategies
  • Keyword Research: Finding the right keywords to attract prospective customers
  • Long-Tail Implementation: Using long-tail keywords to market to niche customers
  • Responsive Design: Having a mobile friendly website to appeal to local search users

Through these optimization techniques, Contractor Webmasters can generate high quality exclusive leads for your contractor business. As for the pay per lead model, rather than paying for the optimization process, you pay for results. If our SEO fails to do its job (generate leads) then you aren’t required to make a payment. It is only when tangible leads are produced from our services, that you are charged. Call 800-775-1250 to discuss SEO for lead generation.

Blogging for Contractor Leads

Testing SEO Leads

Blogging Helps Produce Quality Contractor Leads

One aspect of organic SEO is blogging. With WordPress websites, companies can post blogs that count towards their overall SEO. How does this help generate leads? In numerous ways. First, it helps rank more pages on Google search results, Second, blog posts can consist of:

  • Keywords in H2 H3: Use lead-driven keywords in your blog post headers to attract potential customers
  • Linking: Create internal links to your lead generation pages within engaging blog posts
  • Promotions: What better way to generate leads than with a new customer promotion
  • Social Sharing: Share blog posts on social media and diversify your lead generation channels

Consistency is an important element of blogging. Since WordPress allows for internal blogs, posting regularly will keep Google crawling your page which ultimately enhances the optimization process. As a result, more leads are likely to be generated. As with other SEO services, blogging does not require a payment or monthly retainer. You will only pay for leads produced from our services.

Mobile Friendly SEO Websites

SEO for Lead GenerationMany leads will come from mobile users. In fact, Google states, that users visiting your website are most likely to be using a mobile device. This makes responsive design imperative for SEO and lead generation purposes. Contractor Webmasters designs custom mobile websites for your company, so you never have to worry about missing out on mobile leads, which will only grow in frequency with each passing year.

Technology is constantly evolving, and the way users consume information on the internet follows suit. For contractors, keeping up with this rapid pace can seem overwhelming. Since most of your time is spent performing the jobs you are contracted to do, creating a mobile website does not fit into those plans. Contractor Webmasters is here to help. We will create your custom, search-optimized, mobile website for lead generation. To further discuss SEO for lead generation, give us a call at 800-775-1250.